I, and so many other college students, hear it all the time. "You won't get a job in that, why don't you try accounting/business/nursing/etc."

It may come from family, friends, co-workers, or even that creepy stranger who feels like they can comment on your life. No matter who you hear it from, it's just as annoying and rude. If you're telling people to ignore their dreams and goals to match what you think they should do, here's a few questions.

First off, did you do extensive research on the topic? Do you also enjoy that field of work? Do you have an alternative that's actually available to the person you're speaking to? Did they ask for your opinion? If any of these questions are 'no,' then don't comment. I promise you that all of these answers for me are yes, and that's why I decided on my major and future career.

Speaking of research that I've done, there's a good chance that I won't end up in my major field. Only 27% of college grads work in a job that relates to their major, according to Forbes. This means that I might end up joining an industry that you don't think fit my major.

Even if I did find work in my major, it still isn't right for you to tell me or anyone else not to follow our dreams. We have been told (by you) to follow our dreams all of our lives, and when we get to college/the workforce, you say "Nevermind, your dreams suck." That's not okay and you know it. What else are you lying about? Santa?

We're going to follow our dreams. You're just upset you can't control us anymore.