There is always that one boy... the one you imagine life with, smile from ear to ear any time you see them, and have definitely spent some serious time stalking on social media. This is the same boy that takes hours to respond to texts, if he responds at all, and doesn't make plans to see you. And it breaks your heart just a little more each time.

Sure you tell yourself to let it go. Your friends gently remind you that he isn’t worth your time. But something keeps you hanging on, like when he snapchats you his adorable face, or finally responds to a text and tells you you’re beautiful. When you’re together, he makes you feel like the only one in a crowded room. That little bit of hope keeps him on your mind.

You know in the back of your head that it will never turn into anything. You try to convince yourself to not let your emotions get in the way. All the signs for failure are right in front of you. But then he smiles and your heart wins over every rational thought your head has ever had.

You make up excuses for him. He couldn’t respond because his phone died. When he just waved instead of walking over to say hello he was running late for class. He canceled plans with you because he had a family emergency. Sometimes you keep what’s going on from your friends because you just can’t tell them he let you down again.

He doesn’t love you though. This boy isn’t worth your time or energy. You have so much to give and you know it. You deserve someone who gets lost looking into your eyes. The person who needs to see you and wants to spend time together. You want someone who laughs at your quirky sense of humor and the adorable way you snort when you laugh at a really funny joke. The one who holds your hand any chance he gets. You need someone who would put you first. Someone who doesn’t even think twice about lending you his jacket on a cold night or kissing you on the forehead in front of his friends.

You have all this life and love to give and you deserve a sincerely good guy. This guy that’s on your mind right now… he may be a good guy. He might half heartedly do things that make you melt inside. But maybe right now he can’t give you what you deserve.

You shouldn’t waste your time. Walk away. Stop entertaining the idea that you can change him into what you need and what you deserve. And stop letting this boy control your moods and emotions. Put the energy into yourself. Become so happy with who you are that when the right boy does come along there will be no turning back. Listen to your mom, your friends, your sister because they are right when they tell you this isn’t the one.

You can’t make someone love you and you shouldn’t try. You deserve someone who loves you with every ounce of their heart.