When you come to college and are on your own for the first time, you end up calling your mom for everything. You find comfort in just hearing her voice and in your world of chaos she is the constant in your life. Well, in my fourth year of college I have come to realize that there are still things that I call my mom for.

1. Recipes

Now that I am out of the dorm life and have an actual kitchen I enjoy cooking and baking but there is only so many Pinterest recipes you can try to recreate before you start craving your mom's good home cooking so you call here and ask for the recipe that you have been craving for weeks. the results on whether it comes out how you mom makes it may vary.

2. Relationship Advice

Being at the age where you need more than your roommate's advice on the boy you like you call you mom. Why? Because she knows you better than anyone and will be able to assess the situation and give you an honest opinion. Also, she only wants the best for you, so she is going to tell you what she thinks will have the best outcome for your life. Not the advice that your roommate may give you in order to break yall up because she secretly wants to date him.

3. How to handle growing up.

You call your mom to help you navigate your way through the stages of growing up. Your mom has been there unlike your friends who are all going though the same things you are going through. Your mom can tell you what to wear to your first professional outing.

You end up calling your mom just to chit-chat because you realize that she is your best friend and "Momma always knows best" she is cool as a cucumber when you need her to be and she's always in your corner of the ring.

Call your mom and thank her for always being exactly what you need when you need it.