I am a Marvel cinematic universe fan. I have watched every movie. Loved almost every character, backstory, and relationship. I am finally ready for this movie. Leading up to this I rewatched the movies available on Hulu and Netflix in preparation. Buzzfeed, YouTube, and more Internet fanatics have been posting all week to get ready for this movie. I bought my ticket for the opening night weeks ago.

But once you are in the theater, how does one sit for the three-hour long movie? Missing a second of this movie would be detrimental since hidden gems will most likely be found in every shot of the film. So let's go get this son of a bitch.

1. Eat before.

Make sure you have eaten breakfast, lunch or dinner before going into the theater. Being hungry is not an option.

2. That being said, pull out your most stealthy moves on sneaking food into the movies.

The price of snacks is way too high and you might have to nervously eat while inside. Or when the movie is over and everyone is in tears you might need a snack to cry on.

3. Go to the bathroom at least five times before.

Make sure you are flushed and ready. Bathroom breaks are not an option.

4. Wear comfortable clothes.

I am wearing my size XL Marvel shirt and shorts. I refuse to be uncomfortable and styled.

5. Prepare by watching the trailer and previous movies.

6. Bring an energy drink!

Just make sure you do not have to go to the bathroom because of it.

7. Listen to the Avengers soundtrack before going inside. Get hyped.

I worked out to it today and it was an excellent decision.

8. Refresh your Marvel knowledge on BuzzFeed!

9. Bring a group of friends for pre and post movie discussions.

10. Celebrate afterwards.

11. Don't be like Mark Ruffalo or Tom Holland and spoil the movie for everyone else. Some people just aren't as lucky as you and have to wait to see it.