Word on the street is..... you are going to be fine.

No matter how small or how large the struggle, in the end, you will be OK.

Have a good heart and good intentions in everything you do, and let the rest do the work for you. You can never truly make a mistake. Everything you do is helping you blossom into the beautiful individual you are destined to be. Be confident and allow yourself to bloom freely.

If today is not your day, if you are feeling uninspired or defeated...know that you will get it eventually.

No need to be perfect today. Know that it is OK to not be OK. Know that it is perfectly fine to have no clue what direction life is taking you.

Amazing things are right around the corner. You need to keep your head up and know in your heart that you are deserving of the best and happiest life possible. Be hopeful and trust in the process itself. None of us have a clue what our process is, so we must let go of all control and allow life to work itself out for us how it is meant to.

You are alive and breathing. That in itself is a gift we are blessed with. Find peace in the fact that no matter what you do, no matter how you woke up feeling today.... you are a beautiful soul who was gifted the opportunity to live and thrive, so make the most of it.

Life is a challenge. The life we live can feel impossible at times and sometimes all we need is some love and support from those around us. Let's build each other up. Let's help each other climb obstacles and get through tough times.

You may be at the peak of the mountain taking in the spectacular view, but the person sitting next to you may be dangling on the ledge struggling to hold on. Help them achieve the same greatness you achieved. If you can do it, they can too. Lend them a hand and guide them to the peak so they too can experience the breathtaking view.

Be strong for one another. Cut the selfish habits.

We made it this far. Let's keep going. Find that one thing you are passionate about, let it set your soul on fire and drive your life. Without passion we are nothing. Create passion in your workplace, create passion in your relationships, create passion within your community. Find your niche and pour your whole heart and energy into it.

When we pour our heart into something and fully commit to it, the most spectacular things will come of it and it will blossom into something of beauty and great success.

Even if today felt like the worst day of your entire life, tell yourself today was a good day.

Keep encouraging yourself and picking yourself up even on the toughest of days. Tell yourself: today was a good day. I am beautiful. I am loved. I am intelligent. I am strong. I am worthy. Even if you do not believe the words you are saying.... say them anyways. Pour some passion into your words. Persuade yourself. It's one of the harder things to do in life, but convincing ourselves that we are OK and going to make it is what will help us be OK and make it.

Transform your negative thoughts into something more positive and watch how you flourish. You will be amazed at all the incredible things a positive, growth-driven mindset will do for you.

Signs are all around us, all the time. Maybe it is a word on the street--one we see in a storefront window or coffee shop, one on a billboard, one on a mural in the city, or an inspirational message we see online. Even this article may serve as a sign to you. We are meant to see all of these things. They serve as a reminder that we are strong and we can do it!

We need to start paying closer attention to the signs around us, both physically and metaphorically. Let's read into all these messages around us, discover their true depth, and apply them to our lives. Even the simplest messages carry monumental power.

We can either get lost in the commotion of it all and ignore all the messages life is unfolding before us, or take a step back to discover all that life has to offer and say to us. Let these signs inspire you. Move you. Encourage you to be the best possible version of yourself. And most importantly, help you grow.