We are a generation of busy people. Every minute of our lives seems to be dedicated to work in some way, shape, or form. Those moments where we get to stop and take a breath are few and far between. However, some people (myself included) feel like they're incapable of relaxing or like they're wasting their time if they're not doing something productive. Here's something important to remember that I often forget:

It is okay to relax every once in a while. Sometimes it's necessary.

If we are all work and no play, we will fizzle and eventually burn out. It has happened to me more than once. Yet I'll still catch myself feeling guilty for putting my feet up after a long day of work. Hopefully, these reminders help me to follow my own advice and take it easy from time to time.

Remember that you only live once. I know "YOLO" is somewhat cliche, but it's very true. While working is important, breaks are essential. Our lives would be dull and drab if all we did was work. Even if you love your job and get excited to clock in every day, you need to experience the fun side of life. Take a weekend trip, go to the beach, get a tattoo. Make memories. It will be worth it.

Nobody is going to get angry if they see you sitting down. This one plagues me constantly. At my first job, my bosses had a strict "no sitting down at work" policy. This must have been drilled into my head enough that it follows me to this day. I could be visibly exhausted after a hard workout, but I would not sit down and relax unless forced to do so. Sometimes I feel like I'm being watched and judged.

News flash: I am not. These tendencies are not good ones to have, and busybodies like myself must inhale, realize that nobody cares if we're not working for once, then exhale.

Sleeping in is not going to kill you. In fact, sleeping in can actually help you. According to a study at Stanford, college students should get eight hours of sleep every night. I have been waking up before 7 A.M. for my entire life. I also do so during the summer, even when I don't have to wake up early for work. I'll trudge downstairs and my parents will ask why I'm awake so early. Once I'm awake, I always tell them, I can't really go back to sleep. However, I never really try to go back to sleep because I feel like I'm wasting daylight. An extra hour of sleep could do me some good: there is virtually no difference in waking up at 8 A.M. than waking up at 7 A.M. (most people my age aren't awake until noon).

Tell yourself that there's always tomorrow. Some might see this as an excuse to procrastinate. While it could be interpreted as such, that is not my intent in its inclusion. My point from this is that oftentimes I will promise myself that I will complete an excessive amount of work in one day, "so I don't have to do it tomorrow." This results in my ultimate demise because I'll grow anxious if I don't fulfill my promise to myself. I also end up exhausted and overworking myself. Spacing out work is good for you. Plus, if you chunk out your tasks, you have more time to relax once they're completed. What's not done today can be done tomorrow.

Watch the movie. Binge the series. Finish the book. I'll see my friends tweeting about how they just finished binge-watching whatever show is currently trending. My mind immediately thinks, "How do they have time for that?" The answer is: they make time to do this because it's something they enjoy. I try to avoid doing this because I get nervous if I'm sedentary for too long. I think my life could be far more enjoyable if I set aside more time to do things that I like and that will make me happy.

Although I don't see myself undergoing a major personality change, I think reminding myself of these little things will help me immensely. For all my other workaholics out there, remember to take a break!