As Valentine's Day is quickly approaching, we all are beginning to see flowers, chocolates, and teddy bears everywhere.

I think it's sweet when I see couples out on nice dinners and celebrating their love for one another. I myself have a boyfriend, but I have never been in love with Valentine's day.

I am not going to show my love for him more on this particular holiday than I would any other day.

We celebrate our love each and every day. It isn't limited to a senseless holiday.

It's also sad to see how a holiday about love has turned into materialistic competition. I cannot speak for everyone or every couple, but I have seen individuals purchase a $500 watch for their significant other far too many times.

I'm sorry, but that absolutely ridiculous.

Growing up and being single on almost every Valentine's Day, I thought I would enjoy and appreciate it more if I had a boyfriend. Now, being with my boyfriend for our second Valentine's Day, I still take no interest in it.

For those of you who are die-hard Valentine's Day people, I think that's awesome! You and your significant other should do what makes you happy. This holiday just isn't my thing. I share and celebrate my love and give 100% to my relationship each and every day. Valentine's Day isn't any different.

Gifts, candies, and flowers are great, but I much rather spend my Valentine's Day snuggled up next to him instead of stressing out what fancy item to buy him this year.

I hope all of your days are full of love and happiness!