On May 30, 2017, I had was screened to join the Tuscaloosa, AL Odyssey community. On June 11, My first article went live. Since then, my life has changed and I couldn't be happier with how my life is right now.

Growing up, both of my parents wrote all the time. I've always loved writing, but the only time I would write was for school. For the two years prior to me starting at Odyssey, I pondered starting a blog, but I would never follow through and put in the effort to make one. It wasn't until after I graduated from high school that I was ready to commit to writing more regularly. After doing some research and weighing all the options, Odyssey seemed like the best option for me. I sent in my application.

A week later, I was officially a member of the Tuscaloosa community. A year later and I have to say, It was one of the best things that has ever happened to me.

One of the many things I've learned while posting on Odyssey is to make time for things that have a deadline. Extensions are OK every once in a while, but posting on Odyssey has challenged me to make a time in my schedule for writing and other important things.

Odyssey has also challenged me to stand firm in what I believe in and not be ashamed. Rather than trying to hide behind funny articles, Odyssey has challenged me to speak up for what I believe in and be firm in my faith.

Odyssey has made me a better person overall and has helped me see other people's side of things rather than dismissing someone else's opinion.

If you've been debating about writing for Odyssey, I challenge you to take that leap of faith and apply for it. Odyssey has changed my life, and it may just change yours.