It's not relatively new or unknown that having tattoos in the workplace or in general have the potential to alter people's perceptions of you. In fact, it's become ingrained in our minds as a society that having any sort of visible ink ruins your chance of having a viable career. I'm not going to lie and say that this isn't always the case- there are definitely jobs out there that would really prefer candidates with bare skin. Yet, I don't think this will stand true forever. More and more people, especially the older millennials that will soon be the bosses and CEO's you might possibly want to work for, have tattoos and are in the process of possibly collecting more. Even if they aren't sporting some ink themselves, the public opinion we have about tattoos, in general, is starting to shift towards a more positive place.

Today, the evolution of the art tattoos has reached a place where it has never been before, in my opinion. All of the new styles and methods are so much more refined than they used to be, giving people the option to get tattoos that are truly stunning and elegant in a way that wasn't necessarily the case before. Furthermore, the amount of people with tattoos is steadily rising with already 3 in 10 adults reporting they had at least one tattoo in a 2016 survey (to put this in perspective, it was reported that only 20% of adults had tattoos back in 2012).

If this trend continues as it has been, then soon the number of people who have a tattoo or two will begin to make up a significant portion of the population and decrease the stereotypes and negative outlook on having them even more. Besides, you can obviously get a tattoo in a place that is easily concealed and really not have to worry about it being on constant display. I have two tattoos at the moment- one on my wrist and another on the front of my hip. I definitely feel like I have a choice in whether I want them to be seen or not solely based on the placement. Yet, the one on my wrist can easily be shown off when I do want it to which is ideal for me. When I have had my tattoo visible, which is a lot of the time, I have never felt looked down on or perceived any differently.

So, my main point here is this- if you want a tattoo and it really is something you will enjoy over time, just get it. It really isn't going to make that much of a difference in your life like some make it out to be. Now, if it's something just blatantly hideous, then I really can't say much for how that might change what people think of you. But with so many options out there to now get something that is a true work of art and will be seen as such for years to come, I really think it is worth investing it. Still, take the time to think about it and be willing to invest in a quality artist though- tattoos are still permanent!