In the midst of #tailgateszn, every college kid most definitely looks forward to Saturday.

Win or lose, we always end up winning because we know how to live it up! With that being said, here are 18 thoughts that go through the mind of the typical college kid on Saturdays, also known as "game day":

1. How early is too early to pregame the tailgate?

2. Wait, if the tailgate is the pregame, then does that mean that I'm pregaming the pregame?

3. Is it still warm enough to wear shorts and a T shirt?

4. Am I wearing too much school pride?

5. Nope, there's no such thing.

6. I hope there's good food at this tailgate.

7. Should I bring snacks?

8. I should definitely bring a water or two.

9. Damn, it's crowded.

10. Where the f*ck are half my friends?

11. *calls friends over screaming people to try and locate them*

12. I'm so glad I wore sneakers for this.

13. (Same goes for sunglasses.)

14. I should take a few pictures to commemorate this.

15. What time does the game start at, again?

16. I hope I make it through the first quarter.

17. Nope, it's definitely time for a power nap.

18. What a fun Saturday!