"Lone Gunman" Hacks FBI database.

BREAKING NEWS-On April 20th of 2017 a “Lone Gunman” hacked into the FBI database and leaked out sensitive information dealing with two FBI agents. Sources say the hacker is the same person who hacked into the same FBI database back in 2015. The “Lone Gunman” only leaked partial information out to the media. All we know is that the information leaked by this hacker deals with the same FBI agents from the 2015 hack.

The FBI agents in question have dealt with unusual cases. Cases such has a humanoid killer that goes on a killing spree every 30 years, the Jersey Devil, insect-like creatures, UFO’s, and other forms of paranormal activity. These said agents were separated for a time, while other FBI agents took over the cases. There are video recordings from January 2016 of the original FBI agents returning to their positions. Sources have said these two FBI agents are the best in their field.

Found footage of the 2016 event. Video from: Series Trailer MP

The FBI cases have been video recorded. The recordings were leaked to streaming services called Hulu and Amazon, the only video recordings that the streaming service Hulu does not have is the event that happened in the early months of 2016 on the 14th Street Bridge, which connects Arlington, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. and a possible outbreak of a contagion. The streaming service Amazon has said such footage. Both streaming services require a fee to watch the found recordings. The last footage seen is very disturbing, an unidentified flying object is seen over the 14 th Street Bridge. Both FBI agents are on the bridge and what happen after that is unknown. There are reports that the female FBI agent may have been cloned and is now a goddess called Media.

The information that the “Lone Gunman” leaked to the media is that there are ten additional videos that will be leaked out of a station called Fox, which will air during what they call a 2017-2018 broadcasting season. These footages may contain the answers from the 2016 event.

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