How I got into witchcraf
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How I Got Into Witchcraft

Love, light, and a dash of darkness

How I Got Into Witchcraft
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Witchcraft used to be a scary word but now a days it seems to be more mainstream than ever. Techniques like crystal healing and the zodiac are all the rage now. Books more than ever are being published about the subject and are guiding practitioners in the pursuit of knowledge.

This new turn of events pleases me. I know a lot of people can benefit from joining the craft and learning its teachings. However, in saying that I recognize it's not for everyone and I respect that. One of my favorite things about witchcraft is it teaches those who seeks but does not actively seek to convert anyone.

Yet, I was a witch before it was cool or mainstream. I was a witch when the craze was just beginning to emerge from the shadows. I remember a time when people used to hide their craft rather than boldly walk around the new age section in Spencer's.

What does this mean? It means more and more people are raising their awareness of new alternative levels.

Everyone's journey to the craft is special and unique. Today, I will share with you mine.

It started when I was in 8th grade, a troubled preteen- guideless, faithless, and directionless in life. Prior I had identified as agnostic meaning I believed in something but I wasn't sure what. I was lost and nothing clicked with me on a spiritual level.

Then I saw one of the most simple but beautiful moments in my life. A robin catching the dying light of the setting sun in its wings. It was wonderous.

Later on, on Tumblr of all places, I found a witchcraft page. I found more and more and before I knew it I was falling down the rabbit hole of witchcraft Tumblr. Then I discovered the power behind the noble robin- new beginnings. I had recognized my first omen. A new beginning in the dying of old. I had rediscovered myself and found a new path to tread- the path of thy witch.

So that's my story of how I first got into witchcraft. There have been many successes and failures among the way but all of it has been rewarding.

The path of the witch was meant for me and I've been walking it for 6 ongoing years. I soon hope you find a path that works well for you as mine has for me if you have not already.

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