Everything Wrong with Tomi Lahren’s Final Thoughts on Colin Kaepernick
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Everything Wrong with Tomi Lahren’s Final Thoughts on Colin Kaepernick

Where to begin?

Everything Wrong with Tomi Lahren’s Final Thoughts on Colin Kaepernick
The Blaze - Final Thoughts with Tomi Lahren

Chances are you have heard about the whole Colin Kaepernick controversy that happened over the last week or so. In case you have been living under a rock for the past week, or if you have been watching nothing but Fox News (there is a similar effect), allow me to give you the non-biased summary of what happened. Kaepernick, a quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, did not stand with the rest of his team during the national anthem before a preseason game.

He later issued a statement to NFL.com stating, “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color. To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.”

His actions and his statement caused a brutal onslaught of criticism from celebrities, politicians, and everyone else on social media. Many people, maybe even you, are pissed off at the fact that he did not stand for the national anthem. One thing that people are going to have to understand is that he has the right to either sit or stand during the national anthem, therefore he has done nothing wrong. Whether you personally agree or disagree with his action is up to you.

However, if you are among the thousands of people who supported the garbage spewed in Tomi Lahren’s Final Thoughts video on the matter, you need some educating on the issue as does she. The entire video, which can be found here, is filled with false statements, racist language, and extreme hypocrisy. Ignorance as such needs to be pointed out and broken down so that viewers can understand how wrong Tomi Lahren is in this video. Without further ado...

“Let me go ahead into this mouth diarrhea for you sentence by sentence. Here we go.”

Yes, let’s go.

“I support the first amendment. I support your right to freedom of speech and expression. Go for it, bud.”

So why are you even bothering Kaepernick in the first place? If you support his right to freedom of speech and expression, doesn’t that make the rest of your speech completely pointless?

“It protects your right to be a whiny, indulgent, attention-seeking cry baby. It also protects my right to shred you for it.”

You are right here. You do have the right to criticize a celebrity or public official. Congrats! This will mark one time that you are right in the video. However, what makes him whiny? What makes him seem attention-seeking? He conducted a peaceful protest, not a temper-tantrum on the 30-yard line crying, “mommy the white people are unfair!”

“See, the national anthem and our flag, they are not symbols of black America, white America, brown America, or purple America for that matter. There are patriots of every race that fought and have died for this country and we honor the flag and sing the anthem as a reminder.”

If you have a chance, read this article on how certain lyrics in the national anthem echo feelings of pro-slavery. CNN’s A.J. Willingham noted how the song’s author, Francis Scott Key, outright believed that blacks were an inferior race to whites. He also said that “some interpretations of these lyrics contend Key was in fact taking pleasure in the deaths of freed black slaves who had decided to fight with the British against the United States.”

Also, I love how you are saying the national anthem and the flag represent everyone who has ever fought in the military equally, but we all know about the discrimination that members of the LGBT community have faced, and still face, within the military. You try to include their community by saying “purple for that matter,” but you are still very inaccurate and wrong.

“Colin, if this country disgusts you so much, leave. I guarantee there are thousands and thousands of people around the world that would gladly take your spot. Because those that don’t live under this flag are banging on the door to get in, not get out, remember that.”

Okay Tomi, we are not that star-spangled awesome that people who don’t live under our flag are just dying to get in. Also, if you have so much concern for people trying to get into this country, why did you reject the notion that calling an illegal immigrant an “alien” was dehumanizing in this video? Aliens aren’t human, therefore calling a human being an alien is dehumanizing. It is obvious that you are not every future immigrant’s best friend, so quit trying to be.

“Is our country perfect? No, but what have you done to make it better? What is your contribution? Sitting there like a fool? What selfish is you buddy?”

I still don’t see how you think he is being attention-seeking or how this is a selfish move on his part. His contribution is this very protest that you are criticizing him for. He sees injustice in the country and he wants to take a stand against it.

“And what’s your message to black kids, to people of color? That their biggest contribution to justice and self-fulfillment is to parade around with a chip on their shoulder like a victim?”

This is the problem with America. We are so hell-bent on believing that blacks are just acting like victims and complaining about everything that we never want to actually listen to them. They are not acting like victims, they are actual victims of systemic racism. Most black activists, however, do not focus on this victim mindset. Instead, they are working to lower the amount of racial inequality in this country through awareness and influence on public policy. They are not asking for handouts. They are not asking for white people to fix everything. They are just asking for cooperation and for someone to listen to them.

“How dare you sit there and blame white people for the problems of minority communities. After all, aren’t you half white?”

Okay, hold up. Colin Kaepernick never said anything of this nature. Like, at all. And what does being half white have to do with anything? She goes on to say how his parents abandoned him and he was taken up by a white couple when he was young. Okay, so the existence of his two nice white parents should automatically make him feel bad for speaking out against inequality in the country? There is no anti-white rhetoric in his comments at all. Where are you going with this?

“Maybe you should also decline the paycheck from the white owner of your team. Or the white fans that buy your merchandise and fill the stands to watch you play.”

Ah, that’s where. Again, nothing about white people was said. At all.

“Colin, who’s getting away with murder? I’d like to see some evidence to back that up because that’s a pretty strong claim.”

Just, ugh, click here. This is getting out of hand.

“What about the oppression of black people?...Please tell me how your oppressed. Is it because the black unemployment rate is double what it is for whites? Or the homicide rate, or the dropout rate? Or the percentage of minority communities on food stamps? Well we’ve had a black president for almost eight years now, maybe he failed you.”

Black people are oppressed in a multitude of ways! Look at the police violence murder statistics I just shared with you. Look at the schools that they are forced to attend due to poverty. Look at the number of black people who receive less than $20,000 a year while the top five percent of people in this country receive over 80 percent of the wealth. How are you not seeing oppression? Get off your white privilege pedestal and open your eyes, Tomi! What does a black president have to do with it? Just because Obama is black does not mean he is solely focusing on racial issues in the country.

“When will those in black communities take a step back and take some responsi-damn-bility for the problems of black communities? Because it seems to me blaming white people for all your problems might make you the racist.”

Colin, I apologize on behalf of Tomi. I know she won’t apologize for this inaccurate, inflammatory, and hateful rhetoric so I’ll apologize for her.

“I’ve got loved ones overseas right now fighting for your right to sit on a bench and bitch and moan about your perceived oppression while making 19 million dollars a year to throw a ball, so show a little respect. If you want to sit down, now’s the time, on the bench because you suck.”

This is what I hate about people who think they are saints because they try and defend people in the military. #VeteransForKaepernick is quickly gaining speed on social media. Many veterans are saying how they fought for his right to sit or stand, whatever his preference. Of course, Tomi had to try and utilize military for the sake of her own stupid argument. How about not using veterans as a tool to make yourself look smart and patriotic?

People can disagree with Kaepernick all they want on the actual patriotic symbolism of what it meant when he didn’t stand up. What they can’t disagree on is the existence of systemic racism in this country that is not going away on its own. Colin is right, there are bodies in the street and corrupt officers get “paid administrative leave” for their actions. 97 percent of cases result in officers getting off scot-free. Is that justice? Kaepernick says it is not, and he’s right. No justice, no peace. The only way we are going to get peace and equality in this country is if we stop listening to airhead Tomi Lahren and start listening to the voices that no one wants to listen to. The truth is that we need more people like Kaepernick, who are not afraid to take a stand against the injustices in this society, and less people like Tomi Lahren, who love to criticize brave people and parade around in their own ignorance.

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