When it comes to writing notes, I prefer to write with a pen. Writing looks neater and prettier in pen. I may sound picky, but I am really honest. The color of the ink stands out to me. Pens can make you write in different colors like blue and black. The color of pencil marks will always make you write in gray color only. Even though there are times that I cannot use the eraser to erase the ink, crossing out the words in ink is still fun! It may seem messy, but I can tolerate with that.

One good thing about pens is that they will not break. Pencil marks do break. When they break, I have to sharpen my pencil. I have to stand up and then sit down. The cycle can repeat if the pencil mark keeps breaking. This will get very annoying and troublesome especially when I am in the classroom. The same thing goes with lead pencils. The lead will break as well. Also, if I use pens, then I will save a lot of lead to use for my lead pencils.

The only time when I write with my lead pencils is when I have to do quizzes and tests. This is where I cannot tolerate the cross outs. The teachers and professors are going to check those quizzes and tests. When they see the cross outs in ink, they are going to be appalled. They might take a few points off of my grade due to sloppiness. Writing in pencil is more relaxing because an eraser will come in handy when needed. Teachers and professors can still read the gray writing because the eraser can still show the white areas of the paper that can make the word easier to see. If the eraser leaves a black smudge on the white areas, then that is when the tension will rise. When the quizzes and tests are over, I go back to the idea that writing with pens are better than writing with pencils.