Writing Lost In Time: Part Two

It was about six in the morning when I finally got outta bed. I took a quick shower, brushed my teeth and hair, got dressed, and drove to school.

This high school was big, no, huge to be exact. Great, my first hour is pre-calculus. It’s always nice to first wake up to some good old math. I might as well get there early, find my seat, meet the teacher and all of that good stuff.

It was just after second period AP Economics that I started to daydream about Skyler when suddenly I bumped right into him. I couldn’t believe it.

“Oh, I am sorry!” I said frantically. Oh, my gosh! It’s him. It’s Skyler…in the flesh!

“Oops, no, it’s totally my fault. I am sorry!” Skyler speaks with a heavenly voice.

“Oh, well, since I am here, my name is Nayomi. Nayomi Misiki.” I smile and offer my hand to him.

“I’m Skyler. Skyler Scapehaven. Beautiful name, by the way,” he said taking my hand and kissing it, beaming into my eyes.

I could feel the heat flowing to my cheeks. Blushing!? Great!

“T-thank you. I’d have to say yours is pretty amazing yourself.” I smile back at him. “What do you have for third period and after?” I question with curiosity.

“Hmm…” He pulls out his class schedule, “I have AP English next, and then I have AP History and Spanish 6. What about you?” He looks up from his schedule.

I stare at my schedule in utter shock. How in the hell do we have all of the same classes from here on out? “I actually have all of the same classes,” I said in disbelief.

“That’s great! Um, what are your first two classes then?” He said curiously as he took a step closer to me.

“Um,” I cleared my throat, “I have Pre-Calculus and AP Economics. You?” I took a step closer without giving it a second thought.

“Complete opposite actually. I have AP Economics and then Pre-Calculus,” he chuckled once. Wow, we have all of the same classes. Is that even possible?

“What grade are you in?” He asks as I start to zone out into his eyes. Those gorgeous, gorgeous eyes.

As if I even needed to answer such a silly question, “Oh, I am a junior, you?” I asked even though I knew the answer already.

“I’m a junior, too!”

“Wow, really? I thought you would be a senior or a teacher.” No, I knew he was a junior from the classes he has. I looked and felt happy and a bit surprised. Well, at least I know I’m gonna have a fantastic first year at Dangel High School.

“So, do you want to walk to our last few hours together? I mean, since we will always be heading in the same direction anyway.”

“Oh, um, yeah…I’d love to walk with you. What lunch do you have? I have first lunch.” Before I knew it, we were up against the lockers facing each other. This feels so natural.

“As if I really need to say it, but I have first lunch as well. How insane is this?” He said in the utter disbelief I felt when I realized he was a real person going to my new high school. “Oh, have you met James yet?” He smirks at me.

“James who?”

“James Fouley. He’s new here just like we are, and he is a junior, too,” he winks.

To be continued......

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