What's a writer's block? If you've ever written an essay you've definitely experienced the feeling at one point or another. When you are sitting in front of a blank word document, not knowing what to write about while feeling stressed because you have to either meet a deadline or get an assignment done, is probably one of the most frustrating feelings you can have, especially if this happens to you during Christmas week. Well, that was me not so long ago.

I mean, you gotta understand me here, as a creator, writing about something that isn't too cliche during this holiday season is actually kind of hard. Everyone writes things along the lines of "Top 10 Things To Do During New Year's Eve", "Top 10 Christmas Movies" or "This Is Why Christmas Is The Best Holiday."

And even though it is tempting to write something of this fashion because it is both easy and very relevant, my inner-proud-self did not allow me to do it this time. Instead, I thought that coming up with something more original would maybe make me look interesting or cooler, but in all honesty, this past week has been hell because I literally found absolutely nothing to write about. Thankfully, after a long, frustrating week, I did realize something had consistently been on my mind for all that time; that being my frustration over not being able to find a funny or at least good idea to write about. Therefore, I decided to write about how my frustration of having a "writer's block" almost ruined my Christmas.

Like a dark room with no light or a maze with no exit, a writer's block can consume you and suck the life out of you. I don't know if it happens to you but sometimes, not being able to get something done changes my mood quite drastically, and there is nothing else that can get me in a bad mood quicker than going through a writer's block, especially if it's preventing me from doing something more fun with my time.

This past week could have possibly been one of the best weeks I've had in a long while because of all of the crazy-fun stuff me and my family were doing. We all bought nerf guns and played nerf wars in my grandma's house, we played card games and we even went out at night to buy candy and go have dinner. Nonetheless, at random times throughout the week I would remember that I had not yet found a decent idea to write about, and suddenly all the fun things I was doing at the moment became less fun the nearer my deadline got.

Earlier this week I was watching my favorite TV show ('Peaky Blinders') with some of my cousins and out of nowhere, I remembered that I had not yet done my article for the week. That single thought was enough to murder my happy mood and my want to watch the show with the rest of my family.

This led me to weirdly walk out of the living room without saying a word nor advertising that I was going to lock myself up in my room to try to write something good. After seeing me walk out like that, some of my cousins got legitimately worried and asked me if everything was ok, and in response, I just said: "Yeah, I just gotta write something relevant, and not too bad within the next couple of days.

The only problem is I don't have a single good topic nor inspiration." After listening to my response, my cousin said, "oh ok, just come hang out, I'm sure something will come to you later." Listening to this nonchalant response, relaxed me for a second and made me think to myself that I could maybe postpone my work for later. Unfortunately, this ended up being a terrible idea because it started a cycle that made me "postpone my work" in many other occasions until almost the last second (sorry if you see a bunch of spelling or grammatical mistakes).

So yeah, literally on Christmas day, I was stressing out of my mind looking at a blank document trying to come up with something good to write about while everyone else was having tons of fun around me. This only made me feel pressured to finish as soon as possible so I could join the rest of my family and it also made me feel a little bit mad because of how bad I had procrastinated that whole week.

Fortunately, after a couple of minutes of brainstorming, I looked at my phone to see a picture I was tagged in on Instagram. Looking at it made me think, "damn, I could be having tons of fun with them right now, but this f***ing writer's block is ruining my day". After this thought crossed my mind I looked up and thought "a writer's block is keeping me from having fun during Christmas", then after giving a little more thought to that concept my whole world suddenly enlightened and I felt joyful once more. All life, happiness, and pleasure for writing came back in that very moment and the product of that awesome feeling is what you just read. Happy Holidays!