Write you a story. Where should I begin? Should I start with "once upon a time"? Because our love is a fairy tale. That seems to be the only appropriate way to describe us. No fairy tale ever starts out with a happy beginning. Fairy tales contain terrific stories filled with passion, adventure and excitement that eventually leads to a happy ending; but it takes that long, tough and scary road to get there. Let's just think of the first few months of "us" as a beautiful adventure; and now we're finally starting our "happily ever after".

The way I feel about you is a collection of every simple and complex emotion that the human mind is capable of feeling. You make me happy and sad. You make me envious and proud. You make me angry and confused. You make me feel like I'm driving 105 miles in the pouring down rain then I arrive at a white sand beach and it's a summer breezy day without a cloud in the sky. You make me feel so dangerously in love that I give myself up to you entirely and let you control every part of me. You make me feel so calm and serene that even one drop of rain would put a damper on my time. When we rain, we pour. We let our emotions flood out into one giant storm.

Storms. Those are our fights. And with every fight, I realize that I'm arguing with myself. You and I have this electric bond between us, and when something isn't working, we spark and cause a fire that burns only until we figure out how to put the circuit back together and after we do, we run smoothly together like the perfect machine we are.

What do I think of when I picture you? I first hear your voice. I love when I can hear your mind going on an adventure through all of your collected knowledge. I love hearing about your day. I love hearing your stories. I love hearing about your past. I love your sleepy voice. I love waking you up in the morning and hearing the mumbles you make. I love when we make love and you whisper in my ear. I love hearing you say that you love me. I love the passion in your voice that comes out with every word. Your voice is so strong and it carries through the waves and touches my heart.

But this doesn't even compare to the way you look at me. I've never seen someone look at another person the way you look at me. Your eyes speak for themselves when they travel up and down my body. When you look into my eyes, it's like you're letting me in to see everything, your whole self and I feel a connection. I feel like I am everything to you and I'll remain in your eyes forever.

You asked me to write you a story, but I couldn't find the right words to say that I love you.