Season's Greetings, all of you Cape Cod locals, summer people, occasional visitors or heck, even Massachusetts residents! If you haven’t heard about Odyssey, allow me to do the pleasure: Odyssey is a social media platform with an editorial backbone that allows millennials from communities all over the country to create content in a way that lets them share their voices, perspectives and creative visions with their peers-- and on a national platform. It attracts 30 million unique viewers a month, and that number is only on the rise.

We are currently accepting new creators for the upcoming winter months! Do you have an idea for an Office-inspired holiday listicle? Or are you still recovering from the post-election blues? Now you have access to an outlet where you can create and share your ideas with your community. Cape Cod already has a thriving Odyssey community and we are currently seeking anyone who considers themselves to be a writer, video creator, or simply a creative social media influencer to become a content creator.

Content creators are expected to contribute one piece of content a week, but that can be all sorts of things. You can choose whether you want to write a thought-provoking longer piece or a lighthearted list or video. Same goes for fiction and poetry. The only things that can’t be explored are anything that's plagiarized, sexist, racist, or obscenely offensive. Past that, this is a creative playground.

If you are interested in becoming a content creator for Cape Cod Odyssey, request an invite right here:

Ho, ho, happy writing this holiday season!

-- Your Comunity Editor in Chief,

Afton Andreadis