When You Can't Find Creativity, Write About Yourself

When You Can't Find Creativity, Write About Yourself

2. Take any random daily routine you do and create tips for us that we would be inspired by.


We all have those moments where we have sat at our computer ready to write an article and we ended up spending a good hour with a blank page. I have been there. It's frustrating, and you just want to throw your computer at the wall and say to your brain "what the heck... why can't you think of anything to write about." Well, here are four ways to undo writers' block.

Hope this inspires you!

1. Think back into your past and write about the lessons you have learned now...


It's not easy to go back into our past. It's not easy to be vulnerable about a topic we haven't told many people. I believe there is a beautiful message when you finally see the things you never saw before. There's a reason how we have a new sense of outlook on the hurt we went through. There's a story in the story. Your story is one that this world needs to hear because you never know how many people are going to relate to it when they press on your article or pass it on to others who are going through the same thing.

Your words need to be heard through what you really want to say on this topic. Your voice matters, so be willing to write about you. You need to know that your past, your outlook, and your pain deserve to shed, grow, and flourish.

2. Take any random daily routine you do and create tips for us that we would be inspired by.


To makeup routines, self-affirmation talks, home remedies, and how to get organized for the start of the semester, we all have our own ways of doing things in our lives. We all have learned different ways from our parents and I'm sure at one point in our lives we saw our friends do or mention something that made us go "wow I never knew that!"

As they say "you learn something new each day." I think we all need that new way of understanding or doing things. Those DIY's always catch us by surprise, right? So share what is different because it might change someones daily routine and make it even easier. Plus, I won't lie, we all love learning and passing it on to others.

3. Take an exciting adventure you have done and talk about it. Let us know what beauty came from it.


Have you ever wanted to share an idea or an experience with the whole wide world? But, you struggled to find what to write about? Don't lose hope just quite yet. Have you ever went on a vacation and came back to tell everyone how it went? Being able to share any adventure you have went on and come back to share the exciting self-reflection is the best in-depth story one can read.

You may think people might assume when reading that your article is boring, but in reality, it really isn't. We all love to read on other people's experience, to sort of seeing it through their eyes by their writing. Even if it was either a random vacation, small vacation, or a long vacation I'm sure you posted on your social media wanting everyone to know what was going on.

Well, why not make it better and write an article on it?

4. Take the day and find a small moment where you learned something and see what you can create from it.


In every second of every day, there's one main encounter we have that teaches us something. Whether it's a smile from a stranger, a barista who complements our jewelry, or someone who opens the door for us.

There are random acts of kindness that this world always needs to remember. I think when we are able to take day by day and understand how much good can come out of one single interaction, I believe that calls for one heck of a good article. It depends on how you process and what message you receive out of it that can create a new outlook we all can read about.

I hope this kept you from throwing your computer across the room and made you start brainstorming and writing! You are welcome.

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21 Reasons Winston Bishop Is The Most Underrated Character In 'New Girl'

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2. His relationship with Furguson is the best romance on the show, even if it gets a little creepy at times

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4. He's a child at heart.

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12. He gives himself the best nicknames.

13. He can make us laugh without saying a single word.

14. He's sentimental and isn't afraid to show his true emotions.

15. He's unpredictable, you never know what Winston is going to do

16. He is the most supportive friend of the group.

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