12 Of The Worst Television Characters That Almost Ruined Some Of My Favorite Shows
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12 Of The Worst Television Characters That Almost Ruined Some Of My Favorite Shows

Even the shows you love with your whole heart have their faults, and sometimes it's their characters.

12 Of The Worst Television Characters That Almost Ruined Some Of My Favorite Shows

It's hard to imagine your favorite shows being any different than the way that you know them to be. Every character, every episode, every city, every little detail is engrained into your memory as your love for the show intensifies.

But sometimes, not every part of the show is good––sometimes, some parts of the show are bad. And when those bad parts turn out to be some of the main characters, you start to wonder why you even put yourself through watching the show.

I've watched many, many television shows in all of my years, and while a lot of them I can say I don't hate any character on (shout out to "Girl Meets World," "Gilmore Girls," and "New Girl") there are quite a lot that don't fit into that category.

Here's a list of my 12 most hated characters, which just might be some of yours as well.

1. Ross Geller from "Friends"

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Now, putting aside the fact that Netflix recently paid an unbelievable amount of money in order to keep the fan favorite show on deck, one thing that I have encountered through the years is the common hatred (or at least, distaste) for one of the main characters: Ross Geller.

It's not one specific thing that makes him unbearable, it's everything.

The fact that he cheats on Rachel and then claims it was OK because they "were on a break" may be the most popular reason why he's disliked so much, but it only scratches the surface. Let's not forget that he didn't want his son to have Susan's last name (or even Carol's for that matter) and that he didn't even want Susan to have a say in what his name would be despite the fact that she was going to be his step-mom.

And of course, the fact that he literally tried to control who Rachel was and was not friends with while they were dating––a sure fire sign of toxicity!

Also, he's just really whiny all together, especially in that one scene where he argued with Phoebe over evolution because he had to be right, and nobody really has the patience to deal with that. Something tells me the show would have been fine and dandy without him...but I guess we're stuck.

2. Ted Mosby from "How I Met Your Mother"

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In all my years of watching multiple TV shows, I don't think I've ever met a character as indecisive as Ted Mosby. I mean, the entire show is him telling his two kids how he met their mother, but he calls almost every single girl he dated before meeting her "the one."

Can you imagine having to sit through that?

Not to mention the fact that he tries to pressure Robin into being with him and wanting things that she simply does not want or feel just because he thinks she's his "soulmate" or whatever. And that he doesn't even want to let Barney and Robin live happily ever after because of some bro code (which is really just him being possessive and not taking the hint that Robin has clearly moved on.)

While I have my issues with how this show ended all together (Barney and Robin belonged together and you cannot convince me otherwise), my main issue lies with Ted Mosby being the focus of the show and, somehow, the worst character.

What were the writers thinking?

3. Dawson Leery from "Dawson's Creek"

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Speaking of characters that were the worst in the show and yet somehow managed to be the focus, I present to you Mr. Dawson Leery.

Never mind the fact that the entire show revolves around him (hence the name) and that most of the storylines wouldn't have existed if he didn't have some sort of involvement, he's simply just the single worst character from the creek.

A summary of his worst moments would include: treating his best friend, Joey, like she doesn't exist, idealizing Jen as a sex symbol and nothing more for much too long to be acceptable, being so selfish that he forgets his other best friend, Pacey's, sixteenth birthday, crashing his dad's boat into the dock because he was too busy being distracted by Eve (another girl he only viewed as a sex symbol), and sleeping with Joey even though he had a girlfriend (who remembers Natasha?) back in L.A.––then proceeding to lie about it!

Sure, Dawson has had some good times, but overall, everything listed above only scratches the surface of all of what was wrong with him throughout the six seasons of the show.

However, the ultimate kicker of it all?

Him consistently trying to break Pacey and Joey up or keep them apart. At some point, he really needed to just call it quits, "soulmate" theory aside. But no, we get Dawson being possessive and "in love" with Joey until the very end (I doubt he really was) and that, my friends, is what makes him the worst.

4. Dan Humphrey from "Gossip Girl"

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Dan Humphrey turned the world on its edge when he was revealed as Gossip Girl. And for good reason.

Gossip Girl spent the entirety of the show torturing everyone's lives, causing nothing but trouble and even, sometimes, pain for all of those involved (of which were involved involuntarily, I might add.) So when fans found out that Gossip Girl was none other than Dan Humphrey, lonely boy, the boy who was in love with both Serena and Blair at different times, it was almost unbelievable.

How could someone who claimed to care about these people cause them so much harm? How could someone be so manipulative and vindictive to do all of the things that Gossip Girl did to all of their friends and even their family? It just didn't make any sense.

And to make matters worse––everyone seemed to forgive him without a problem. I mean, he went on to marry Serena and live happily ever after almost as if he never meddled in her life or caused her any struggles.

Makes sense.

If there's anything you take away from this list, let it be this: Dan Humphrey deserved worse than what he ended up with. And Serena deserved better.

5. Izzie Stevens from "Grey's Anatomy"

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Out of all of the original interns, I have to say that Izzie Stevens is by far the worst one of all.

It's possible that Cristina, Meredith, Alex, and George may also have their own faults. It's possible that they have also made tons of mistakes throughout the show's existence and that one could even argue that they should also be on this list.

However, what is not possible is saying that Izzie Stevens provided a beneficial storyline to the Grey's universe.

The only good thing that came out of Izzie Stevens existing was her relationship with Denny, but I think we all remember how that turned out. And while I don't necessarily believe it was entirely her fault, it's easy to blame her because of her other negative qualities.

For starters, let's remember how Izzie helped George cheat on Callie because she genuinely believed she was in love with him––that was so not cool. And then when she left Alex without even saying goodbye after he was there for her throughout her entire cancer treatment. Maybe she had a good reason (which I don't think she did), but that still doesn't excuse her from hurting him that way, not in my book.

While there are many, many other reasons to dislike Izzie––all of which are valid––the bottom line is: she's the inferior intern. And I'm almost certain the other four would have been perfectly fine without her, but maybe that's just me.

6. Lucas Scott from "One Tree Hill"

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Tree Hill, North Carolina holds a very near and dear place in my heart. It's where I discovered love through Nathan and Haley, friendship through Brooke and Peyton and betrayal through Dan and Keith.

It's where designing clothes, record label making, singing, and professional basketball dreams were all born and accomplished. And it's where one of the worst characters I've ever encountered came from, Lucas Scott.

It may be hard to think that someone could even think Lucas was anything but good, considering all that he did for his friends and for his mom throughout the six seasons he was on the show. But if you dig a little deeper, I'm sure you can find some distaste for him.

Like when he cheated on Brooke with Peyton, her best friend, multiple times. Or when he lied to his mom about his heart condition because he wanted to play basketball. Or when he almost married Lindsey when he wasn't even in love with her. Or when he told Peyton that she ruined his life, knowing that she was in love with him and would have given him the world.

I could go on, and believe me, I have before to various friends, but the bottom line is that even though he seems to be one of the good guys, he really isn't. Don't let those blue eyes and that blonde hair fool you, let your brain see him for what he is.

7. Evan Chambers from "Greek"

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Greek, in my opinion, is one of those underrated and mostly forgotten shows that existed in the 2000s and I find that to be its charm. The way that this show presents its characters is very 2000s and it makes it quite hard to relate to some of the problems, seeing as things have definitely changed since then.

However, there is still a clear cut distinction between the characters that are good and the characters that are bad. And Evan Chambers is 100% in the latter section.

While Evan starts off as the guy you kind of hate because he seems to have it all (money, girlfriend, popular fraternity guy) he quickly transitions into the guy you really hate when he cheats on Casey with new girl Rebecca in the very first episode. I don't know of many characters that are able to redeem themselves from the "cheating" arc, but Evan Chambers sure did try.

The rest of the show is spent on a seesaw of liking Evan and hating Evan. He's there for Calvin and helps him out by being his big brother in the fraternity, so you like him. He fights with Casey's little brother Rusty and you hate him. He tries to be a good friend to Casey even though their relationship didn't work out and you like him again. But then he starts dating Casey's big sister Frannie and you hate him.

I guess one could make a case that he's not evil or even the worst character in TV history, but he's just that character that you love to hate, and that's what landed him on this list.

8. Ezra Fitz from "Pretty Little Liars"

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Pretty Little Liars was definitely a world of its own, and fans of the show exceeded all definitions and expectations of the simple word "fan." Between all of the killings, the kidnappings, the secrets, and the drama, it was hard to imagine how any of the characters could be worse than the rest.

But there is one, and his name is Ezra Fitz.

Let's start with the fact that him, as a high school teacher, decided it would be OK to start a relationship with his high school student. It doesn't matter that he protested at first or that he "played hard to get"––he still did it! And that is never the right thing to do, even in a TV show.

Furthermore, did the rest of the main characters just forget that he literally stalked Allison, and the other four girls, for years, watching them, following them, keeping tabs on them, just to settle his own personal problems with Allison? Because it sure seemed like it by the end of the series, but that's none of my business.

I just feel like, ultimately, did we really need Ezra Fitz to get a happy ending? Did we really need the writers to fight for his likability from the audience as hard as they did? I vote no, not at all.

9. Mr. Poe from "A Series of Unfortunate Events"

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For all of us readers, the fact that this beloved childhood series was turned into a pretty great Netflix original was something I think we are all grateful for. Finally getting to see the world that we pictured in our minds for so long displayed on a screen was amazing, and while almost every detail was spot on, there's one that seems...unnecessary.

Lemony Snicket created the world of A Series of Unfortunate Events with great care, but even so, it's not surprising to wonder whyMr. Poe was the way that he was.

Is it even possible for a human to be as clueless and useless as him? Because if it is, I don't even want to know what the people in his life have had to deal with.

And while the reader in me understands the angle that Mr. Poe brought to the overall story, it became frustrating to see his scenes played out on the screen and see how much trouble he caused by literally doing nothing

All I can say is, if anyone knows Lemony Snicket personally, be sure to ask why Mr. Poe was as horrible as he was yet presented to be one of the good guys, because I don't think I'll ever figure it out.

10. Amy Juergens from "The Secret Life of the American Teenager"

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While The Secret Life of the American Teenager wasn't necessarily the greatest show to ever air on television, it did have its good moments (like when Adrian and Ben lost the baby.) But one character that made the show almost indigestible?

Amy Juergens––the main character!

What is with all of these shows revolving around the worst of its characters? I can name at least five other characters that would have made a way more interesting angle to view the show from (I mean, Ricky is literally right there!) but we got stuck with Amy?

She was not only whiny, often complaining about things that she sort of caused herself and blaming them on her "situation" aka her teenage pregnancy, but she was also immensely self-centered. Do I even have to remind anyone of the series finale, where she chose herself over Ricky andJohn? I still can't believe it.

Even though this show wasn't worthy of any Emmy's, I can't help but think how much better it would have been if Amy wasn't the focus. Or if she wasn't as, you know, Amy-like through it all. One can only dream!

11. Julia Salinger from "Party of Five"

(Pictured on right)

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To be honest, most of the Salinger family was pretty annoying throughout the show. Or, I guess, all of them were. Between Charlie, Bailey, Julia, Claudia, and Owen, it was almost impossible to pick the worst one of all. But I did it: Julia Salinger.

For those who might not be familiar with the show's premise, the five Salinger children get left under the care of the eldest brother, Charlie, after their parents are killed in a drunk driving accident. With this in mind, one would expect that the oldest members (Charlie, Bailey, and Julia) would be able to act a little bit more maturely and nurturing towards the younger ones, Claudia and Owen.

Even though that is technically an unfair responsibility that they did not ask for, it's just what they got stuck with. And while Charlie and Bailey are able to resemble somewhat of a parental figure, Julia is extremely lacking.

She spends most of the show complaining over boys and being so selfish that she isn't even aware that Claudia begins to skip school while Charlie is hospitalized. It seems that Julia's world revolves around Julia, and even though she often gives big spiels about how important her family is to her, it's easy to wonder what exactly that means considering she rarely if ever, shows it.

I wouldn't say she broke the show, considering the other characters each had their own faults (and there were many), but she definitely didn't add to its appeal by consistently cheating on multiple boyfriends. It just wasn't it, as the kids say.

12. Santana Lopez from "Glee"

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In the last few years, Glee has been tainted for a lot of us OG fans due to certain circumstances surrounding one of its ex-main cast members whom I shall not name. However, the impact that the show had on a lot of us while it was airing is undeniable. But even so, there was always one character that I felt like it could do without Santana Lopez.

While Santana served as a representation for the Latinx culture in this already pretty diverse show, she wasn't exactly the best for the job. She was snobby, she often picked catfights with other characters (Rachel, Mercedes) because she wanted to be center stage.

And, of course, she hit on Puck while he was with Quinn (kind of?) and that's just wrong on so many levels considering she was supposed to be one of Quinn's closest friends.

Glee may have been a formative part of our teenage adolescence, but I will never understand the purpose of Santana Lopez, other than to throw in some more diversity.

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