The 7 Worst Golden Globes Snubs, And 3 Undeserving Nominations

The 7 Worst Golden Globes Snubs, And 3 Undeserving Nominations

Was this year outrageous? No. But I will still complain.


Awards season is starting up, which means outrage about who got nominated and who didn't. And the 2019 Golden Globe nominations brought their fair share of snubs and (undeserved) surprises, especially in the movie categories. Was this year outrageous? No. But I will still complain.

Here are seven contenders who shouldn't have been overlooked, and three that could have been overlooked a little more.

1. Snub: "Blindspotting," Best Motion Picture, Drama

Yes, "Blindspotting" could just have easily fit into the "Best Motion Picture, Comedy or Musical" category, but let's not get technical, as, after all, IT DIDN'T GET NOMINATED, despite being one of the most dynamic and original movies of the year.

2. Undeserved nom: "Bohemian Rhapsody," Best Motion Picture, Drama

"Bohemian Rhapsody" had plenty of promise and features a strong performance from Rami Malek, but ultimately ended up being more flashy than substantial.

3. Snub: "A Quiet Place," Best Motion Picture, Drama

Rarely does a movie released as early in the year as "A Quiet Place" get significant awards attention, and even more rarely does a horror movie get nominated for anything significant. Who knows? Between "Hereditary" and "A Quiet Place," the Hollywood Foreign Press might've thought they could only have one, and just went with neither.

4. Snub: Daveed Diggs, Best Actor in a Motion Picture, Drama

Yep, I'm going to keep talking about this one. While we (by we I mean I) have established "Blindspotting" as one of the year's best movies, let's acknowledge Daveed Diggs as the movie's core.

5. Snub: "Eighth Grade," Best Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy

"Eighth Grade" has little spectacle going for it, but it is the kind of movie that's deeply specific, personal, and relatable on a level you don't want to admit. And although the movie as a whole may not have gotten much love, the fact that Elsie Fisher got a nomination is frankly one of the highlights of this emerging awards season.

6. (Somewhat) undeserved nom: Timothee Chalamet, Best Actor in a Supporting Role

This entry is qualified by the opinion that I did think Chalamet's performance was not lacking in any way. However, "Beautiful Boy" failed to connect on an emotional level as a whole, leaving everything impressive about Chalamet on the screen. In the right movie, this story and Chalamet's performance could change you. This one remains purely aesthetic, something you can analyze from a safe distance.

7. Snub: Sam Elliott, Best Actor in a Supporting Role

In "A Star is Born," Elliott plays Bobby, the brother of Jackson Maine, at once a supporting family member, a voice of reason, father figure, and yet not completely any of those. In a movie that focuses so strongly on the relationship between Ally and Jackson, Bobby is the most fleshed-out ensemble member. "A Star is Born" is an epic tragedy, and Sam Elliott's Bobby is the only one who knows it from the very beginning. Doesn't that deserve some credit?

8. Undeserved nom: "Isle of Dogs," Best Motion Picture, Animated

After "Fantastic Mr. Fox," I was so excited for another animated Wes Anderson movie, and this one underwhelmed all my expectations. It was visually gorgeous with about as much soul to sustain a few New York rats. Plus, all the good jokes were in the trailer.

9. Snub: "A Star is Born," Best Original Score

Wait, how could this not happen?

10. Snub: John Krasinski, Best Director

"A Quiet Place" may have not been the perfect movie, but under Krasinski's direction, it approached horror in a completely new way. From the shiver-inducing use of silence to choices like actually casting a deaf girl to play a deaf girl (which should be obvious), this was a directorial debut that will be remembered--and should have been honored.

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Having A Unique Relationship With Your Roommate Isn't Bad, It Can Actually Be Quite Great

Some people are always talking to their roommate hanging out all the time, but mine might be different.


College is the land of the jungle and one of the best ways to get through is to have some friends. Usually, your first friend is probably your roommate and that is totally understandable but my first friend wasn't my roommate and honestly had a different way of getting to know him.

When I was going through out housing portal to find a roommate I really didn't know what i was doing. Should I message him? Should I try to meet him beforehand? I didn't do either. I saw the first name and went from there, for all i knew he could've been completely insane but, he wasn't thankfully.

Moved in and it was all good and we still didn't talk to each other on move in day, I know that sounds crazy but we didn't say a word to each other. It was weird that I would have to share this tiny cramped space with someone that I haven't even talked to yet. But, hey at some point i knew we would. to be honest, my mom was the first one to talk to him and they actually had a lot on common. they both grew up in the same neighborhood, crazy.

We finally talked to each other after about three weeks of going here and living with each other. We got to know each other a lot and we actually had a lot in common, we must've talked for 2 to 3 hours about random stuff, but it was so much fun. Then after that we didn't talk again for like another 3 or 4 days. Honestly, that is completely fine with me. We both understood how busy our lives would be since we are taking so many classes, studying, being with friends, and working.

I'm going to be honest, we don't talk to each other everyday, hang out and go to eat together, go to parties, or hell even play video games together. We share the space and we stay cool with each other. We make sure everything works in the room and we maintain the relationship of that we make it through the year without problems. I think both us don't expect much since we are guys and that can be an easy thing to handle.

But, through all of that I gladly call my roommate my friend. He's a guy that I can go to for advice on relationships, talk to about nerdy stuff that I know others couldn't relate to, and also be cool with that we won't talk every single day or hang out a bunch. It is different, but it's that good different that makes you step out of the comfort zone a bit. Someday he will read this and I hope he has embraced our time and sees me as a friend as well. Because I know he's a great guy and a great friend, maybe he doesn't right now but maybe over time we will be great friends.

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