I hope you finally realize how great you are and I do care.

I wish all of the hurt in your life could’ve worked itself out. I can hold grudges sometimes, but things happen the way they do for a reason.

I can only call you the worst so many times before people start to think that I feel some other type of way about you. For a while, I was messed up and I know you were too. I said a lot of things that I really didn’t mean or I called you when I really had nothing to say.

I just want you to know that I really do care and I know we're not friends anymore and we don’t have any contact. You probably try not to think about me and I try not to think about you.

Really, it’s easy for me to not think or acknowledge what I did wrong.

I don’t blame you. I know you had a lot of pain.

You were only trying to help me and I was only trying to help you.

I hope you’re OK and I hope you have things figured out now.

You’re stronger than you think and I hope for better days for you. I hope one day you can stand up and accept all the pain in life and work through it. I know you’ll make it.

Please, never give up because I know you’ll make it.

I don’t know when I’ll stop writing about you because you came into my life so unexpectedly, but I’m different now. When I think back to all that happened I feel like none of it is real.

I’m different now and so are you.

I want closure for you and I want the same for me. I hope we both wake up one day in the future and we're both thankful for the past.

I don’t have any regrets and I hope you’re doing alright.