The Good, The Bad And Even The Ugly Of Marvel's 'Avengers: Infinity War'
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The Good, The Bad And Even The Ugly Of Marvel's 'Avengers: Infinity War'

Spoilers will definitely be included in this rant. If you haven't seen "Avengers: Infinity War," and wish to see it with no knowledge of its plot, STOP READING.

The Good, The Bad And Even The Ugly Of Marvel's 'Avengers: Infinity War'
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To preface this article, spoilers will definitely be included in this rant. If you haven't seen "Avengers: Infinity War," and wish to see it with no knowledge of its plot, STOP READING.

In the recent installment to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the fate of the universe literally rests in the Avengers' hands, and they screw it up. They aren't just trying to save Earth or Xandar or Asgard, they are trying to thwart Thanos' plot to kill half the population of the entire universe. AND THEY FAIL. The face-crack of the century was seeing the bad guy win and more than half of the Avengers disappearing with a snap of Thanos' fingers. The most off-putting part of the whole thing was that the Avengers had opportunities to stop Thanos or at least contribute to stopping him. As much as a love the humor and companionship of this movie, all the Avengers could have used a little more seriousness and a few more tactics on how to take down their greatest threat. Prepare for a breakdown of the best and worst Avengers.

The Good

Spider-Man: The undisputed MVP in my opinion, Spider-Man literally did everything asked of him and more. He did not hesitate for a second to contemplate joining the battle when it first starts in New York City and he stows away on a spaceship despite the fact that he has no idea what he's about to face. He uses his intellect, not just physical tactics, to take down the bad guys and also rescues the Guardians whose names he doesn't even remember, but he could have trusted them to save themselves. He even removes Thanos' glove and would've been the one to stop the coming disaster if it wasn't for one idiot (mentioned later). 10/10

Iron Man: Stark was one of the few people really trying to formulate a plan, despite the some of the other members ignoring his plans or just straight-up ignoring him. He seemed to put in all his physical and mental efforts into this fight and fought until his armor was gone and he could do nothing else. If anything, the one thing he could've done better was assert his position as a leader, especially when the Guardians were brought into the fold. 9/10

Captain America: Much like Iron Man, Rogers really put his best foot forward in this fight. With the added advantage of being surrounded by people who respected him or at least knew who he was, he should have taken a more assertive command of the team. The team probably could've used a little more organization and understanding of their roles in the fight and as the name implies, Captain America should've been the one to help with this understanding. But he did go head-to-head with Thanos despite the clear physical advantage Thanos had over him. 8/10

The Bad

Gamora: Gamora was, throughout the whole beginning of the movie, very aware of the fact that she held the key to Thanos' total control over the universe and very accepting of the fact that she would rather than tell him where the Soul Stone was. Had Quill actually shot her immediately rather than drag out the situation so long that Thanos manipulated what would happen, she would go down as a 10/10. But, alas, Thanos took her, she succumbed to seeing Nebula's torture (even when Nebula shook her head in a clear, Don't you dare tell him the truth), and she clearly did not notice the undercurrent of threat towards her when Thanos was told to sacrifice something he loved. I would not have taken any chances and gotten by butt out of there but Gamora felt that ridiculing what she viewed as a loss for him was a better option. 4/10

Scarlet Witch & Vision: I have mixed feelings about both Wanda's and Vision's performances. Both of them seemed some fixated on their awakened love affair that the idea that Vision would die at such a time was one they didn't want to contemplate, despite the countless lives they would save in the process. With Scarlet Witch, had she just stayed with Vision when Shuri was working on him, the role she had been assigned, maybe Vision would have been released from the Mind Stone and it could've been destroyed. If Vision had used the powers of the Mind Stone at any time, since it seems as though he didn't use them at all in the movie, maybe the Avengers would have had a better opposition against Thanos' children from the get-go. If they hadn't gone through the lengthy process of removing the Mind Stone in the first place and just accepting the sacrificing, maybe everything would've gone down differently. It's a nice sentiment to believe in the power of not sacrificing anyone but look where that got them: dead. Because they did things out of love: 3.8/10

Loki: Although not an official part of any of the teams, since his rekindled brotherhood with Thor, I consider Loki to be an honorary member of the Avengers. After being killed not 15 minutes into the film, I may have to revoke that sentiment. Loki, God of Mischief, orchestrator of chaos, enemy to almost everyone he comes in contact with, decided that ending Thanos' life would best be done with a short knife. Although his motives seemed pure, saving his brother's life, he could've employed a hundred other methods to taking down the Titan. Unless he's playing the long con and hiding off like he usually does (although if he was doing that, he probably would've shown up before everyone is killed), Loki was truly the first one to screw up the defeat of Thanos. 3.5/10

The Ugly

Thor: Thor was quite an excellent player in this movie. Not only did he connect with the Guardians and plan how best to get his new weapon, Stormbreaker, he immediately started kicking names and taking ass when he got to Wakanda. He was even the one to stop Thanos in his tracks. Thor would've earned a 10/10... but sadly, he made the mistake of not only striking Thanos in chest instead of aiming for the jugular, but HE TAUNTED THANOS WITH HIS PREVIOUSLY STATED PROMISE OF DEATH AND DID NOT DELIVER SAID DEATH. If he had struck him in the chest than took off his glove or cut off of his hand, things would've ended differently. 3/10

Doctor Strange: As someone who possessed an Infinity Stone throughout the movie and claimed to be an expert with it after his solo flick, Strange sure didn't utilize any of the amazing, world-saving powers that the Time Stone has been proven to hold. Instead, he sat back and allowed the worst villain ever to win, claiming that the Avengers' loss was a step in the right direction. Maybe that's true, but with the disappearance of some of my favorite characters (and the agonizingly slow disintegration of Spider-Man), I'm having a hard time having any faith in his claims. Also, he didn't stop Quill from acting, didn't use his mystical powers to transport the team as far as possible from Thanos, didn't listen to Tony at the very beginning of the movie and got himself kidnapped, and never considered destroying the Time Stone as a viable option, instead CHOOSING to give it to Thanos. We'll see in the next movie how well that decision plays out. 1/10

Peter Quill/Star-Lord: What can I say but DISHONOR ON YOU, DISHONOR ON YOUR SHIP, DISHONOR ON YOUR WHOLE EXISTENCE. Peter...Star-Lord... buddy... I had so much trust in you after your actions in the first and second movies, but man did you really disappoint this time around. Not only did you not shoot Gamora when you promised her you would do it, but you literally decided that punching Thanos because of him killing Gamora was more important than STOPPING HIM FROM KILLING LITERALLY HALF THE UNIVERSE. Nice going, Peter, real nice. -10/10

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