You ever see that meme of that one guy who seems to be getting into an argument with a brick wall? Well, if not (which I highly doubt), here it is.

Several captions as followed:

1. When the professor has “no late work” in the syllabus but you still try to plead your case.

2. Talking to (insert political party that you don’t identify with) like...

3. Arguing with ya girl like...

And the list goes on and on.

Well, which one are you? Are you the brick wall, or are you the guy? Before you think too much into it, the correct answer is that there really is no definitive answer. It is more likely than not that someone who is fundamentally a brick wall lacks the knowledge to admit so, and someone who is fundamentally the guy in the meme is often unwilling to even consider that they have been on the other side of the spectrum as well.

These are the very instances that contribute to our world's growing hearing problem. In modern society, it seems as if we all are both of which the meme depicts. We are fed up with talking to people who are essentially these walls, so fed up we become them. We don’t even want to hear what they have to say. We want to disregard everything they say with a quick rebuttal, and that is the issue at hand.

Nobody really listens anymore. We have grown so numb, listening has become second to hearing. Understanding has become second to replying. With all the unending controversy plaguing our world today, the fact that those two previous statements are further away from fantasy than they are to reality is befuddling, to say the least. It is counter-productive to the progress that society as a whole has made. Who is benefiting when we choose to make the selection between being the brick wall and the guy a definitive one? Because I know society is not.

The world is going deaf, and we all are too.

We have to collectively combat the spread of this epidemic. Not one single person is immune. There is no cure or vaccination. There is no hearing aid designed to tackle an impairment this monumental. We are all we got. We cannot simply 'hear' anymore. In today's day and age, that is no longer enough. We have to listen with no intent to rebuttal. We must listen with intentions of wholeheartedly understanding. Every day we do not actively challenge this hearing problem, the voice of reason continues to shrink. How much longer until the once towering voice ends up as a whisper? We cannot allow that to happen.

I truly hope you did not just 'hear' this article. I hope you listened.