A World Without Grandparents

A World Without Grandparents

Grandparents make the world a much, much better place.

It's been said that "grandparent's make the world a little softer, a little kinder, and a little warmer." After being blessed enough to have had my wonderful grandparents around for my entire nineteen years of existence, I can say that quote is completely true. There is no greater blessing in this entire world than a grandparent. Their warmth, love and presence is always felt, no matter if they are in heaven or here on earth, because of the immense love that they have for their grandchildren.

A world without grandparents would be a world without a lot of love and kindness. I can feel my grandparents love for me every time I talk to them or think of them. They are two of the most kind people that I know. It would be a world without old fashioned charm that we are losing so quickly as it is. Without grandparents, no one would say hello to anyone in the store or even smile at them in public- they are keeping traditions alive that we can not afford to lose.

A world without grandparents would be a world without memories. I know I have some of the absolute best memories with mine, and I can always remember them as clear as day. My younger sister and I would beg to go shopping, not to buy anything, just to look around, and we'd load up into the car and head to Target. Usually, we would buy something that we knew we didn't need (like a random kiddie pool or tennis racket) and then return to their house and play with it in the back yard and laugh until we cried.

It would be a world without the yummiest of snacks, because grandparents sure do know how to grocery stop. We may all be about 10 pounds lighter without grandparents, but we surely would not be as happy. Thanksgivings and Christmases wouldn't be the same without grandma's best recipes, this is just a fact of life. The most special part about these recipes is that anyone in the family can make them, but they only taste just right when grandma does.

A world without grandparents would be a world lacking joy. My grandparents have always been some of the happiest people that I have ever known. Even if they did happen to get sad, all they would need to do is turn on some Frank Sinatra and sing for a little while.

Without a doubt, my life would not have been the same if I had grown up without these wonderful people in my world. I was lucky enough to grow up just a five minute drive from my grandparent's house, so that I could call them almost every day to come and pick me up. My grandma was involved in many things, but she would always tell me "I'm never too busy for you" and cancel her plans to hang out with me. My grandpa was always the fearless chauffeur, but that did not make him any less special. We had some of the best times talking about American history on the couch-- the comfiest couch that will ever exist.

Change is inevitable, but that does not mean that we are ever ready for it. Things for them both are extremely rocky right now, but neither of them are going to give up without a strong fight. I may not be the strongest person when it comes to dealing with the thought of the day that they aren't around anymore, but I am not willing to give up hope yet. All that I can do is pray that things will be okay in the end, and I know that they will be somehow. After all, that's what they would want me to do. I love you bunches, Gram and Pop.

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Acts 1:8 Ministry Explains How To Teach Your Child To Be Charitable And Compassionate

Acts 1:8 Ministry, a non-profit organization based out of Wisconsin, believes in building strong community foundations with integrity and humility.


There have been many natural disasters that have wreaked havoc in the United States and around the world such as tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions. Over the last few decades, the generosity of Americans has become well-known, and it's vital to inspire this charitable and compassionate concern for others down to future generations.

Acts 1:8 Ministry has helped enrich the lives of others around the globe through the support of generous donors and volunteers who want to help spread kindness, strengthen their faith, grow the Christian church, and improve communities. To pay it forward, Acts 1:8 Ministry explains below how parents can instill charitable and compassionate qualities in their children through word, action and leading by example.

Start At Home

If you have more than one child, you know there are those times they don't want to share toys, snacks, or even friends. Teaching siblings to share is less complicated when you teach your children why the love for each other is so important. In a family unit, each member depends on all the others. Parents provide shelter, food, clothing, and different needs. Children contribute by helping with chores, obeying house rules, and doing their homework. Mutual love and respect are what strengthens the family unit. Working and giving together teaches invaluable lessons to children and builds a secure family unit.

Working Together For Others

Donating time at a food pantry, shelter, or meal distribution center for low-income families or homeless folks in your local area teaches your children the importance of caring for those who are less fortunate. Explain why it is wrong to judge people who need free services to survive. Your children may encounter people who are dirty and wearing smelly clothes, and they need to know not to say anything that would hurt their feelings or embarrass them.

Giving Together For Others

If your state has a beverage deposit on soda, juice, and alcoholic beverages, you and your children can collect discarded cans and bottles. The money you receive from their redemption can be donated to a variety of charitable causes including animal shelters, food banks, clothing distribution centers, or a local charity you support. There is always a need for cash at all of these facilities. Plan annual family fundraisers, such as yard, craft, bake, and plant sales. Donate the money earned to one or more charitable projects the family chooses together.

Establish Charitable Habits

Establish habits and family routines to encourage charitable acts. Choose things that fit your family's lifestyle. Keep a large "charity" jar and place a dollar amount in it every time the family does something special such as going to the movies, spending a day at a water park, eating out, or taking a vacation. Whenever the family spends money on a fun adventure or outing, setting a little money aside to be used for those who don't have the same opportunities helps children understand the need for caring about other people. Other things you can do as a family include:

• Reduce the amount of clothing in your closets, and donate clean and undamaged items to a charity that distributes clothing to low-income families.

• Clean out the toys. Donate unbroken toys and games to homeless shelters that take in families or to a home for battered women and their children.

• Donate your time to visit a nursing home, and talk to different residents. Encourage your children to ask the older folks to tell stories about their childhood.

• Bake cookies or bread together and distribute to older people that live in your neighborhood. Have your children make a card to give with the food gift.

• Help a neighbor who has been sick with yard work, taking out the trash, or other chores he or she is not able to do.

Children love making others happy and will continue to feel the same way as adults if you help them establish the habits of caring, sympathy, helping, and compassion when they are young. By teaching children the core values of caring and compassion, future generations of Americans will continue to be the world's most generous and compassionate people.

About Acts 1:8 Ministry:

Acts 1:8 Ministry is a non-profit organization that equips Christians to care, share and connect people to Christ through Christian kindness. The Planned Acts of Christian Kindness® Program has touched thousands of lives in the US and over 100 countries worldwide. Through the Water Project, over 130 water wells drilled, blessing hundreds of thousands of lives with clean water.

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Poetry On Odyssey: A Poem For Grandma

To my wonderful best friend to kick off our summer together!









All the glorious roles you have held in life.

Always wearing a smile with lipstick covered lips.

With your blonde short hair.

And glasses covered eyes of blue.

All the wonderful characteristics that make up you.





Just casually cruising through this thing called life, with the best sidekick by your side.

The best of friends is what we are.

I love you so much even though you love me more!

Simply because you're the big to my little.

We have inside jokes,



And more.

Adventures after adventures.

That is how we roll.

I love you tremendously Nana and I am blessed that God decided to make us family!

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