Today's society is so whack.

There have always been different types of groups that people make for themselves in which they believe they belong into. You have the jocks, the popular, the athletic, etc., but in today's world, everyone takes that to a whole new level.

A couple decades back, looks didn't really matter as much as they do now. Girls were not buying hundreds and hundreds of dollars worth of makeup so that they could transform themselves into somebody they are not. NO! Girls were going dancing, listening to music, and riding their bike around town. Girls were not afraid to be their own person back then and sadly, in today's society, even though most of us might deny it, we are terrified.

With social media being a huge part of our world, people get to see what others are doing or wearing and want to be just like them. There is nothing wrong with that, but a lot of the times it can get out of hand. People are becoming afraid of being their own person and doing what they want to do. Everyone wants to top one another in the sense of being the most popular or the prettiest or even the most athletic.

Dating these days is a whole other story though. Instead of meeting someone in person and actually asking them out on a date, it is now done through your phone. People are too afraid to talk to the person they like face to face so instead, they just send them a text.

Dating apps are a big thing these days as well, but a lot of people abuse it. Not everyone you see on a dating app is actually there to start a relationship even if they say they are.

The world is changing and we are changing with it, but we need to make sure that these changes are good for ourselves too. Stay true to yourself and don't let anyone or anything tell you otherwise. We are all beautiful in our own way.