Find Someone Who Makes The Long Distance Struggle Not Only Bearable But Enjoyable

Find Someone Who Makes The Long Distance Struggle Not Only Bearable But Enjoyable

It takes the right someone to be able to do long distance with


I have always heard so many stories about couples choosing to break up when they leave for college because they don't think they can handle the distance. I personally think this is beyond silly because if you truly love someone, nothing can get in your way.

My boyfriend and I have been dating for over a year now and we go to schools that are about 2 hours apart, but when we are at home for breaks we live about 4 hours apart. And it works perfectly. I'm not trying to say that long distance is easy because there are definitely times that I wish more than anything we went to the same school, but it all depends on who you are in a relationship with.

Like I said, my boyfriend and I have had a few issues because of the distance, but it really all comes down to miscommunication through texting. While texting in a long distance relationship seems like a wonderful idea, I would highly recommend keeping it limited and attempting to talk on the phone or FaceTime when you want to have a lengthy conversation. It is almost impossible for text messages to be interpreted perfectly when the majority of your communication relies on it, so it simply makes things easier to verbally communicate and ensure that everything is coming across as you or your significant other intended.

That being said, whether or not a long distance relationship is possible also heavily relies on the individuals involved in the relationship, and the quality of the relationship itself. In order to make your relationship work, you have to be 100% committed to each other and also committed to the effort of making a long-lasting relationship. It takes a special kind of person to be understanding of what the situation is because sometimes it's just not possible to see each other for a special day or occasion. And that is okay. It's important to remember that the distance is only temporary, so you have to ask yourself is the permanent reward worth the temporary struggle. If answering this question is difficult for you, you may want to sit down and have a talk with yourself and with your partner.

Find someone who makes the struggle not only bearable but enjoyable. And most importantly, don't forget to enjoy the memories you are making along the way.

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I Almost Gave Up On Love, Until I Met The Man Of My Dreams

I almost gave up on love, but then you came into the picture.


Right before meeting you, I had already settled on the idea that I would spend the rest of my life to myself. I knew I would be alone and live life to myself, but I was not OK with that.

After being in a relationship where I knew nothing would work out, I had given up. I had given up on the idea of loving someone and receiving the same amount of love back. I remember wanting someone who was loyal. I wanted someone who could be honest with me and treat me with respect. I felt like that was impossible to find, until I found you.

When I found you, I was about to give up. I just felt like you were another guy that was going to tell me everything I wanted to hear. I thought wrong. You were the guy I dreamed of. I dreamt of a man who would make me his entire world, who would one day have me wrapped around his finger.

I dreamed of having a man who would hold doors open for me. I dreamed of the small things and little did I know I would eventually find them with you. I dreamed of a man who would appreciate me and make it known that he did. I dreamed of a man who would make sure I was happy. I found that with you.

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12 Tips For College Couples Separated By Summer Break

For college couples, the hardest things is summer break. Three months apart can be hard, but use these tips and get through it together


For college relationships, summer is the hardest time. Whether you live in the same town or are 700 miles apart. You want to jump over that summer hurdle, but really it will be what brings you closer together. Use these 12 tips to help you and your significant other get through the heat and distance of summer.

1. Facetime

If you don't have apple products invest in them. Facetime with your significant other is a great way to stay together

2. Plan a trip

If it isn't to visit each other in their hometown plan a trip to somewhere where you both have wanted to go and meet each other there

3. Good morning texts

Commit to always texting your significant other when you wake up and before you go to bed it shows that no matter what is going on in y'alls lives you are thinking about each other at the beginning and at the end of a day

4. Movie dates

Crank up a movie on Netflix, pop some pop-corn and open up facetime, it will be like you are actually together

5. Don't let time get in your way

Summer is a busy time for people with travel, school, and work, make an effort to commit to a time to talk to each other and vocalize when you are busy, so the other person doesn't feel like you have forgotten about them

6. Commit to watching a show together

Pick a new show that just came out or a show that both interests you, if you want an episode every week apart it will give you something to talk about when you're together

7. Delivery

a.If you're significant other is having a bad day find a delivery place near them to surprise them with something nice without you having to be there. Or save those tips to build your significant other a care package for the halfway point

8. Let your significant other know how grateful you are

Sending those I love you because…. Or I am grateful for you because... texts will just make your relationship stronger

9. Communication is key

Don't let the little things get in the way of the bigger picture. Don't not answer your phone during a fight. Communicate your feelings as miscommunication almost always happens over the phone

10. Understand the distance is OK

You can make it through if you try, just don't give up on each other. Being 700 miles away from each other is just 700 miles connecting you two together.

11. Counting down the days

Share a countdown until the next time you see each other

12. Be faithful and respectful

Don't give up on each other, if you really love each other you can make it work and just tell each other how you're feeling.

Summer is just three months. Three months that if you really believe in your relationship you can make it work. Don't worry and everything will be ok. You guys can do it.

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