During any job or internship, you could be so busy that you feel like you haven't taken your eyes off your computer all day. And I get it, there is work to be done and only so many hours in the day. But if you are like me, sitting in your office or small cubicle can get tiring, no matter the amount of coffee you have had, and leaves you feeling lazy despite all the work you are getting done.

This feeling especially hits me after a long eight hours of work and I go to check my Fitbit to see that I took less than 2,000 steps all day…. how is that even possible?! It is possible because even though you may be exhausted, it isn't from moving around. Yes you were productive, but you sat in a chair all day. So if you are feeling this too, here are five tips and tricks to get your steps in while at work that will make you and your Fitbit happy.

1. Take the stairs

The stairs are basically a gym you don't have to pay for! Try to take the stairs every morning to your office and every evening as you leave or as you walk between floors. Unless you are on the top floor of the a very tall building, there is no excuse to take the elevator.

2. Park a little farther than normal from the entrance

While we all love to get that premium spot right next to the entrance of our building, choose the one that is a little farther away to get those extra steps in. It may only be a 100 steps extra, but this longer distance will add up eventually.

3. Take the long way to the bathroom

If you are getting up to go to the bathroom, take the long way instead of the straight shot way. Take a lap around your floor, say hi to your boss or coworkers and then head to the bathroom. Once again, this may only be a few extra steps but over the course of the day it will add up.

4. Drink a lot of water so you can get up to go refill it more (and more trips to the bathroom)

Instead of bringing a large reusable water bottle that you never have to fill up, try bringing a smaller bottle with you so you can take more trips to the water cooler. Not only will you be hydrated, but will also get those extra steps in. Plus, more water equals more trips to the bathroom. It's a win, win!

5. Move during lunch

If you have a little extra time for lunch, try walking to the salad place on the next block over instead of the one in the floor of your building. Or even if you brought your lunch, walk to the break room or cafeteria to eat it. This will get you moving and break up the time you are sitting at your desk all while getting in your steps for the day.