Juggling school and work is something that I have grown up having to do. Once I hit the age limit where I was able to apply for jobs, I started applying anywhere and everywhere.

For a while, I was the youngest employee no matter where I worked.

I was fifteen-years-old at the time when I got my first job, but that did not stop anyone from hiring me. No teenager ever wants to get a job and start to work because they know some of their freedom will be taken away from them when they do, but they soon realize that money doesn't grow on trees.

When my dad first told me that I needed to get a job, I just thought he was making me do it so he wouldn't have to keep giving me money. As I grew up, I realized how important it was for me to start working as soon as possible, not just for the money, but for my resume.

Even though these jobs aren't anything big and special, they give me something to put on my resume so when I do apply for an important job they will see my work history and know that I have worked at numerous places in the past.I have had four different jobs in my life and being only nineteen-years-old that is a lot of experience.

Working while in high school is a normal thing to do and almost everyone takes part in it, but college is a different story.

In high school, my normal everyday schedule consisted of going to school, then going straight to my two or three-hour-long volleyball practices, going straight to work, and finally coming home to finish my homework and eventually go to bed.

Yes, sometimes in high school my weeks got very stressful and busy with all the different activities I was taking part in, but they still do not compare to what it is like working in college.

During my freshman year of college, I decided that I had enough free time to get a job so I could make some extra money. I only worked a few times a week so I didn't stress myself out too much with being in school as well.

As I began my sophomore year of college, I came in with the same mindset with working a couple times a week just so I could have some extra spending money. When I hit the second month of the semester, I realized I made a huge mistake.

Sophomore year is completely different than freshman year ever was. Reality really hit me hard and school became my number one priority. There were no days off this semester and I realize now that school is only going to get harder and more advanced.

Working while also being a student in college is very challenging, to say the least, but having that experience from working in high school makes it that much easier.

I am very appreciative that my dad made me start working at such a young age because now I know how to manage my time more efficiently. Once I realized how much more of my time was going to be spent in school, I made the decision to start thinking about my career and different types of jobs or internships I could apply for so then it would be the best of both worlds.

If I have learned anything over the years, it is that working is not just for making money, but it helps to create your future. Yes, working can be boring and you may think that it is pointless at the time, but stick with it because you are already one step in front of everyone else.