Why Working During High School Is Dangerous For Your GPA And Mental Health

Why Working During High School Is Dangerous For Your GPA And Mental Health

Part- Time Jobs In High School

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Working a job in high school has tons of benefits, but also a mountain of negatives. Many high school students in America work part time jobs in order to help their families out, earn extra spending money, or gain experience. In some cases it is understandable that a student works a job, but for the most part, it's a bad idea.

As a disclaimer, I want to acknowledge that there are many cases in which a teen has to work a job, or is forced to by their parents. I also acknowledge that working a job can teach teens to effectively manage time, use people skills, basic skills for the workplace, and help them gain independence and responsibility. Jobs also help teens gain experience so that getting a job in college or after college is easier with a fuller resume. However, I believe that working a job in high school is mostly harmful for the life of a teen.

Working a job in high school can be rough, especially if you take honors/AP/IB classes, actually almost impossible. For instance, say that you have a big test that is worth 20% of your grade in math, and the night before the test you have to work and don't get home until pretty late. Unfortunately, most teens with jobs can't just tell their bosses, "Oh, I need today off because I have a big test tomorrow that I need to study for." In the work world, most bosses aren't this accommodating, and they don't have to be. Now, you probably won't be as prepared as the kids who had all day to study, and got a restful night of sleep. Being stretched thin with school, extracurriculars, a job, and a social life can drive anyone to madness. Studies show that teens who work jobs during high school tend to earn worse grades than those who do not, and it is clear to see why this is so. I firmly believe that as a teen your job should be to do well in school, and set yourself up for success in the future. If working a job in high school means sacrificing the grades it takes to get into a good University, is it really worth it? No, it's not.

In addition to grades suffering because of a job, a teen's social life can decline, and their mental health may suffer too. Think of this, every time that your friends get together to hang out you can't go because of work. It must be hard to watch them have a good time while you're stuck at work. And after a while, losing social connections can be dangerous to a person's mental wellbeing. With a job in the mix, a social life is likely the first thing to suffer, and social interactions are key to healthy mental and spiritual development. Plus, high school is really the last time to be a kid, and spend time with friends often. How can you be a kid and enjoy fun gatherings when you're trapped in a part-time job?

I do not work a part-time job, and I applaud students who can balance a job, challenging classes, extracurriculars, social life, and family life with only 24 hours in a day. I don't know how kids do it, but it is really quite impressive.

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