Picture this: school is out for the summer. You've moved back home and have three months to kill until you move back to your college campus. You're in your hometown, and after meeting up with high school friends, you really don't have much to do. You're out of money so you decide to get a part-time job, thinking you'll still have time to relax. WRONG! Work is rough, and you really wish you hadn't applied in the first place.

Sound familiar? This is my summer too. While I love both of my jobs at the moment, I often find myself thinking these thoughts as I struggle through day after day of making right around minimum wage. If you have a summer job, I'm willing to bet you've had these thoughts too.

1. I really wish I could get a break from this whole "alarm" thing

More than likely, you don't get to roll out of bed whenever you'd like because you have to be at work earlier than you'd normally get up. I think I'm getting less sleep now than I was during the school year.

2. Wow, gas prices are really out of control

You probably have to drive to work, like I do. Gas is currently nearing $3/gallon in my area, and no matter how many hours I work I can't keep up with these prices.

3. The bank is open from *insert times here*

You have to know when you can deposit your check if you're like me and aren't lucky enough to have direct deposit. You've gotta get that money ASAP.

4. I really wish I was at the pool right now

It's hot and you're either running around a hot building or chasing kids around outside. Nothing would be better than cooling off at the pool.

5. Ugh I hate people

I never realized just how dumb people could be until I started working regularly. Sure, I'll explain our policies to you in 10 different ways until you understand, that's cool.

6. That's it?!

Minimum wage = minimum paycheck. I feel like I work very hard, so it's always a wake-up call on payday.

7. But also, I finally have money again

Then again, there's nothing better than payday. Yay for having money!

8. Regulars are the best

I've gotten to know so many amazing people I wouldn't have met otherwise thanks to my jobs. An appearance by a regular customer always softens the blow of actually working.

9. How long until I get off?

Don't tell me I'm the only one that constantly checks the time and thinks every minute feels like an hour.

10. I wish I was anywhere except here

Slow shifts will be the death of me. Sometimes there's nothing better in the world than getting off work.

11. Adulting is hard

It takes a whole lot of discipline to keep a job. Your summer job is just the beginning and that's scary.

12. But I'm so glad I made this choice

Nothing can replace a resume-worthy opportunity to build life skills. Plus, knowing you won't have to worry about money so bad in the fall makes all of the pain worth it.