For a majority of us, there will be at least one point in our lives where we work an unpleasant customer service job before landing our ~dream job~. It's just part of life. By working in customer service, you are constantly exposed to the good and bad qualities humanity has. Some customers are the sweetest, most genuine people, while other customers try to crush your soul and eat your happiness (I'm talking about all the unnecessary "I need to speak with your manager" people!!!).

But no matter how frustrating customer service can get, we all usually just swallow our pride and smile through the pain (and also talk shit with the other employees about rude customers once they leave). This can take a lot of willpower, and most of the time we just want to tap into our inner bad bitch (Cardi B) and say "f*ck it." But we can't because then we would all be jobless. But if we could, it would look like this:

1. When you greet a customer and they just stare at you and walk away

OK, rude. I just wasted all that happy energy on you for not even a response?!?

2. When work is slow but your boss won't let you leave

Valid question.

3. When a customer asks to speak to your manager

What I want to say: Bitch, I'm my own manager.

What I actually say: She'll be right with you!! :,,,)

4. When your manager tells the customer exactly what you just said

I always just want to lose all my decency when this happens and just scream "I TOLD YOU SO," but I keep my composure.

5. When a customer comes in two minutes before closing

^ ^ ^ Me using all my strength to hold back my anger.

6. When you haven't even clocked in yet but your boss is already listing off a million things for you to do

7. When customers treat you like trash for no reason

Also, a valid question.

8. When you clock out and a customer tries to stop you on your way out


9. When work is busy but one customer is demanding your full attention and showing no mercy for your stressful situation

10. When customers get upset over menial things that you have no control over

I once had a customer have a hysterical meltdown and yell at me because the restaurant I was a hostess at was out of chicken. DO I LOOK LIKE THE GIRL IN CHARGE OF THE CHICKEN SUPPLY?! NO. QUIT HARASSING ME.

11. When you are asked the same stupid question 500 times a day

Especially when the answer to their question is on seven different signs around the store.

12. When a customer stares you down because they are upset or impatient

Glare at me all you want. It will make me incredibly uncomfortable and insecure but you better believe I'll pretend like it doesn't.

13. When you get paid and it makes everything worth it

Money MOVES!!

Ha, just kidding. I'm broke as hell.