I am an individual who works at a hospital's emergency room, and there is never a shortage of lessons to be found. Some of them interesting, funny, or other things. I've managed to glean so much from my workplace.

Here are some things I did, and maybe you did as well.

1. Nurses are God's gift

Nurses do so, so much in the hospital. I know this is kind of a tired topic, but RNs and CNAs deserve much love for their hard work despite dealing with long shifts, unruly patients, codes, and so on. They administer medications, do a lot of data input, take initial stories, and are just as involved in the care of the patient as a doctor. Bless them.

2. You'll appreciate food from home more often

BELIEVE ME. Yes, some hospitals have chain restaurants that have decided to open up locations within them, but that's not always high quality either. And for those who do not have the luxury of access to those places? Some nights, I'd rather just wait the nine hours it takes for me to finish my shift than eat the food presented at the hospital. Ughhhhh.

3. Patients will DEFINITELY come in for anything

NOTE: This is not me saying some issues are trivial. Believe me, receiving help for medical problems is paramount, and it is important that, if you feel concerned, you go to receive medical attention as soon as it is feasible. There are some problems that... stun me. Stuff intentionally stuck in the ears. Getting medication for conditions because they forgot to fill the prescription. Attacking someone, then coming in. It is... I'm uncertain as to how I should describe it.

4. Computers WILL fail randomly if you scribe

Picture this; you're typing away on your computer. All is well, but you have not saved anything just yet. Then, a flash; the computer goes dark, and your progress disappears into the abyss. This. Will. Happen. It is just a matter of time. And you'll have to restart. And you'll be frustrated. You'll figure it out, though.

5. You'll learn a LOT about medical terminology and anatomy

You will discover so much about human anatomy gradually. The human abdomen, the thoracic cavity, conditions that could affect both of those, etcetera. You really do have an opportunity to look into the mind of a doctor, observe their movements and decision making. It is fantastic as an opportunity to learn about medicine.

This is just some of what I have managed to learn over the few months I have been able to work at the hospital. Though this is just a glance into my life as a scribe, there is so much to be said about the hospital. It has the good days and the bad, but it is not a job I would trade in.