Fun and friendly co-workers are what make a job, no matter how miserable or enjoyable, much more pleasant on a daily basis. But have you found that one co-worker who is your best friend at work?

1. You get excited when you see their name on the schedule on the same day as yours.

Woohoo, I'll have someone to talk to that shift! As opposed to when you're on there with *scoffs* Karen. UGH!

2. You get sad when they're not at work.

Who am I gonna talk to now? You're nothing without your office ally. It's like when your best friend in high school didn't come to school one day, but somehow worse.

3. You follow each other on social media and it's not weird.

With any other co-worker, it just feels weird.

4. You feel comfortable enough with them to share personal information and stories.

With everyone else, you try to stay as professional as possible. With your work BFF, pretty much nothing is off-limits.

5. You spend more time with your work BFF than you do with your real life BFF.

This is not by choice, it's because you're stuck together 8 hours a day. The friendship and mutual liking may or may not be just a less severe version of Stockholm Syndrome.

6. You ask them all your work questions.

You feel comfortable enough to ask "stupid" questions, and you know they won't judge you.

7. You're teammates, not competitors.

Depending on the job (like if you work sales by commission, for example), there may be more emphasis on competition than team cooperation. But regardless of the work environment, you and your work BFF stick together, work together, and help each other out — never tear each other down.

8. You take turns doing the tasks no one wants to do.

It's not one-sided, like, you're stuck taking out the trash every day. You equally and fairly share responsibilities.

9. You've never met their family or friends, but you feel like you know them.

From hearing your work BFF talk about their parents, siblings, and spouse so much, you feel like you know them personally.

10. They're your go-to for work gossip.

You share any and all gossip with each other immediately. And you both hate the same people as each other, obviously.

11. They're the only person you really vent to about work stuff, and your co-workers.

Because no one else understands!

12. You can communicate just by exchanging glances.

You know exactly what they're saying, just by the look in their eyes. A customer walks in 2 minutes before close? You both look at each other and roll your eyes.

13. You know you can text them anytime and they will cover your shift for you.

You have each other's backs. Because somebody's got to! They're super reliable, helpful, and supportive.

14. You actually don't mind going to work every day, because you know you get to catch up with your work BFF!

Even though you just saw each other yesterday.