Many of Donald Trump’s opponents would say that they want nothing to do with him. Some even go so far to proclaim that he is #notmypresident. Celebrities are making bold speeches against him. Customers are proposing boycotts of companies whose CEOs choose to collaborate with the Trump administration. Someone has gone so far as to create an app listing all of the companies that should be avoided due to a possible collaboration with the president. The left seems to hate Donald Trump so much that it seems like some people would prefer to see a Trump failure and downfall than the success of our nation with Trump at the helm.

I have been a vocal opponent of Donald Trump, and I feel the same sentiments as those who propose distancing themselves from him at all costs. However, I do not believe that refusing to acknowledge Donald Trump is the most effective way for us to succeed in advancing our own agendas. What’s done is done; Donald Trump is president. The passion in the streets is definitely powerful, and it definitely sparks energy in those who oppose the actions of the new administration. However, the next step is to turn that energy into policy. We cannot work in spite of the White House, we have to work with it.

One of my many, many criticisms of Donald Trump concerns the people with whom he chooses to surround himself. He built a cabinet of loyalists who merely echo his sentiments as they fight for his approval. It is not easy for someone with a dissenting opinion to get close to him. That is why I support Elon Musk’s choice to serve on Trump’s advisory committee. Musk is in a unique position where he can take advantage of close access to Donald Trump and express disagreement with his policy choices. I hope that Congressional Democrats will do the same, working with Trump while remaining strong in their disagreement with his policies. Our government will be much more effective when we debate policy instead of hurling insults and creating drama.

If I were ever given the opportunity to work in Trump’s inner circle, I would take it. I would love the chance to be close to him so that I could give him my perspective on the off chance that he would take it to heart. However, I, like most people, do not have direct access to Donald Trump, but that does not mean we Americans cannot make our voices heard. The fact is, he works for us, and he is accountable to us. The same goes for our representatives in Congress. So let’s take the energy that goes into rallying against Trump’s presidency and use it to flood the Republicans’ offices with our opinions. If there’s an issue you oppose, call the White House, or your Senators or Representatives, especially if they are Republicans who are currently backing Trump. (Senator Blunt of Missouri’s office number is (202) 224-5721). Or, if you want to have some extra fun, you can always call the front desk at any of the president’s satellite offices (aka hotels) and explain your concerns to his employees there.