At some point in your college career, you become immersed in the culture and language fostered at your school. It is one of the many things that make your school unique from others. Here at Merrimack, the assimilation was easy. Because we’re such a small, close-knit school, you’ll find yourself speaking the language as soon as one semester here. You’ll probably confuse your family and friends that don’t go here, but you can’t help it. Here’s 12 words that mean something so different to Merrimack students than to other people.

1. Sullivan

To most people: A last name, usually of Irish descent.

To us: The furthest academic building from most dorms. We all dread a class on the third floor. The elevator is scary and it gets considerably hotter the higher you climb. That is, if you make it past the cracked stone front step. Some classes are usually skipped than attended in Sullivan Hall.

2. The Sak

To most people: Phonetically, a type of bag made out of burlap or canvas, used to carry various things including potatoes or people in sack races.

To us: The center of our campus, where we meet up with friends before dinner or walk through for shelter from the weather on our way to class. And, on the rare occasion, where we hit the gym or pick up a care package.

3. Sparky’s

To most people: An electric charge.

To us: Our beloved dining hall, where the healthy food variety is like that of a gas station. However, the newly constructed forefront is aesthetically pleasing and the workers are relatively nice. Sh*t could be worse.

4. Lot K

To most people: Presumably the name of a specific parking lot.

To us: The dimly-lit resident lot where finding a spot is comparable to competing in the Hunger Games. Sometimes you get lucky and get a “front spot” and other times you walk 15 minutes to your room in the rain, ruining the Panera you just picked up.

5. Spring Weekend

To most people: Friday and Saturday in the spring, sometime during April or May.

To us: A Thursday through Sunday bender in March or April, filled with concerts and events, day drinks and too many people eating pizza and fries in the dining hall. It’s one of the most looked-forward to weekends of the entire year.

6. New Res

To most people: Assuming res is short for residence, a newly constructed building of dorms or apartments.

To us: The two-year-old “houses”, outside of where most spring weekend activities occur. From window-DJ’s to homemade slip and slides, you’ll want to stop by here when the festivities commence. A pregame in new res turns into a full-blown party…every single time. It’ll always be “new” to us.

7. The Quad

To most people: Could be a four-sided object or a muscle in the leg, depends on the context.

To us: The grassy area between apartments, where the party ends up whenever it's more than 45 degrees outside. It’s hard to find your friends- or see anything for that matter- in the crowd, but it’s a guaranteed good time (or place to party).

8. Points

To most people: A mark given during sporting events, usually for a goal, touchdown, homerun, etc.

To us: Depending on your meal plan, the amount of “money” you have towards food from anyplace else on campus besides the dining hall. These are extremely sacred but seem to run out two months into the semester. Use your points wisely.

9. The Den

To most people: A cave or shelter for an animal, usually a bear.

To us: Where the best food on campus is served. You can get anything from chicken fingers to sushi to a burrito at the den, if you’ve got the points, of course. It’s also the only place on campus to get food after 7:30 pm, which comes in handy on the weekends. Can you say drunchies?!

10. North

To most people: A direction on a compass.

To us: The newest set of residence buildings on campus, and seemingly uncharted territory to anybody that doesn’t live there. However, we aren’t really sure why they are considered “north campus” as opposed to the rest of the small space Merrimack takes up. Leave the separation of campus areas to bigger schools.

11. Brunch

To most people: A meal between breakfast and lunch, usually enjoyed on a relaxing weekend day.

To us: When the dining hall is closed due to an accepted students day or an open house, and we are forced to relocate to the multi-purpose room for pizza and fries. No one here likes brunch in the MPR. No one.

12. Augie's Pub

To most people: A restaurant of some kind.

To us: The front-most part of our dining hall, which turns into an on-campus bar at night Thursday through Saturday. You can get $3 beers and free popcorn without ever having to leave campus. It’s lit.