Recently, I had the lovely experience of being sick while in a developing country. Now if you've ever been in this position, you probably know that it AIN'T a ton of fun.

I'm not dramatic or anything (lie) but I actually felt like I was dying.

We are talking not able to keep anything, including water, down (Gross, I know).

And at this moment, someone popped their head in, while I was at my lowest of lows and mouthed the words, "Look I know you feel terrible right now, but you WILL feel better."

Never have these words been more comforting in my entire life.

That was EXACTLY what I needed. I didn't need someone to tell me to try to drink more water or eat more saltines. I didn't need someone to try to solve it all within a few seconds and throw some Tylenol at me.

I did need someone to sit with me and tell me I would make it. Even though this might have been uncomfortable and a little awkward on their part, it made ALL the difference.

Looking back on this exact moment, I have come to realize that words are powerful and that there are MANY other times in my life, and I am willing to bet yours, that we long to hear those words.

A simple, "Hey look, I know this sucks and you actually feel like death right now, but this is not over and things WILL get better." goes a LONG way.

I'll tell ya when you are far down in the pit, you really don't think anything will get better.

You forget that there is life outside of puking your guts out or life outside of anxiety and depression. You forget that there is life outside of divorce, death, hurt, abuse, or pain.

You forget that at some point, you actually did feel better.

Well pals, here's the deal...

If you need to hear it, you WILL feel better.

It might take time, it might take some medicine, some therapy, some long talks, some forgiveness, some reconciliation, and many other things. And it will happen.

In the meantime, know that there are people out there willing to sit with you in the midst of the gross mess. Don't be ashamed to reach out and have them with you in your lows. Odds are they know that you are hurting and WANT to be there for you in the midst of this.

If you are the friend sitting there and comforting, first of all, thank you.

Second of all, keep listening, keep telling them it IS going to get better and ask what you can do to help in the meantime.

What a lesson this was to me.

In the midst of one of my lowest points, God met me there and threw the right people in the room to be a comfort to me.

I KNOW that He is capable of meeting you there too.