Wordpress Hosting: What Is It and What Are the Types?

Wordpress Hosting: What Is It and What Are the Types?

Types of WordPress Hosting


What is WordPress hosting? What are the main types and their explanation? To discuss WordPress hosting, let's take a look at the definition of WordPress first. WordPress is one of the most widely used CMS with open source. You can be of the users too. So let us find out what it really is.

What is WordPress and what are the uses?

WordPress refers to a system that allows you to create pages and posts without the need to learn about the complexity of HTML code. By creating and logging into your account you can do the actions above. WordPress is one of the most famous open-source Content Management System (CMS) that can be used in creating blogs and dynamic websites. WordPress is a web creation tool and a powerful Content Management System that is widely used across the globe.

Uses of Wordpress

The followings are some of the most important uses of WordPress

1. Create and develop a site for organization and business purposes.

2. WordPress can help developing property listing and real estate websites.

3. Help building various landing pages.

4. Create static web along with themes, plugins and setup speed.

5. Create a web directory that involving integrated site listings.

6. Build review sites and embed them into the websites.

7. With the help of wing Wordpress, you can build membership sites.

8. With the social media plugins, feeds from various social media that are embedded into the web page, can be updated instantly.

Getting to know WordPress hosting

When you have decided to use WordPress for your website, it is time to decide the hosting for your site. What is exactly WordPress hosting? You need to get to know it first so that you can decide which one you are going to use for your website.

To be simple, WordPress hosting is a hosting that has been improved to meet the performance and security of WordPress in the best way. Typically it will come with the one-click install for WordPress to make it easier to get started with WordPress.

Every host out there is able to handle WordPress, meaning that technically you do not need WordPress hosting for your WordPress. However not all hosts are the same in operating WordPress so to run your WordPress better, you need the help of WordPress hosting.

Main types of WordPress hosting

In searching for WordPress hosting you will typically find two types: shared WordPress hosting and managed WordPress hosting. In terms of money, the shared WordPress hosting is considered to be cheaper from both types.

Just like the name, share WordPress hosting will make you share the server with other sites. The server will still work optimally for WordPress but you don't own it only for yourself.

Additionally, you will get access to a kind of one-click installer for WordPress, even though cPanel which provided by most hosts will give you this feature as well. Some shared WordPress hostings will offer a bit more by providing a pre-installing option for WordPress.

Some WordPress hosting will give an automatic upgrade for the WordPress software. Keep updating and upgrading your WordPress is important especially for security reasons. Additionally, the updating action sometimes will apply to the plugins and the theme as well. Surely this is a plus point.

The second main type is managed WordPress hosting. While providing all the shared hosting features, there are additional offers that managed WordPress hosting can give to the users:

1. More speeds. With better specs of the hardware, managed WordPress hosting will create a faster WordPress site.

2. Caching. Better caching with almost zero work, will instantly speed up the WordPress site.

3. Security. Managed WordPress hosting will provide you with a regular scan for malware, intrusion detector, and also a firewall specifically built for WordPress.

4. Staging. Most managed WordPress hosting provide staging sites. This will let you test the changes to the sites easily before you launch them.

One catch, managed WordPress hosting costs more. Generally, you will have to pay more than twenty-five US dollars per month.

Which one to choose?

The idea will go around this, beginners should be using the shared WordPress hosting since it is cheaper, while the sites with high-traffic should go with the managed WordPress hosting. However, we need to consider two things, time and money.

By paying extra money in managed WordPress hosting you do not have to consume more time in configuring caching and software updating. Being a beginner and opt for shared hosting will get you overwhelmed with all the work for your WordPress site's performance.

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