No, I Won't Let My GPA Determine My Worth.

Yes, it's that time of the year, final exam time!

While we should be thinking about the holidays, and how we're going to love and cherish those around us, we're too busy worrying about our GPA and how it will determine our worth in some fashion.

In society, those who have a higher GPA are deemed more worthy. Worthy for better jobs, schools, and so on. However, your GPA isn't truly based off the type of person you are, or how hard you work. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that maintaining a good GPA isn't hard work, because trust me, I know it is.

I'm talking about what goes on behind the scenes, though. The student who has four jobs and supports their family. Or what about those who have testing anxiety? A piece of paper and a letter grade shouldn't determine who is worthy and who isn't.

But yet, we let our GPA take our everything. It takes our friendships and relationships to the limit. We damage ourselves every semester, pushing our minds and our spirits wanting to accomplish even more. If an outcome isn't favorable, we break. We crash and burn.

We think to ourselves: "if my GPA isn't a certain number now, then what will happen when I graduate? What kind of job will I get? What graduate school would accept me with this GPA?"

Sorry, but I won't let my GPA determine my worth. And neither should you.

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