This World Won't Always Choose You

I'm a people pleaser. I will do anything and everything to make people happy. So much so that if I go to eat somewhere and my order is completely wrong or my food is cold I'll eat it and still tip 20%.

I'm afraid to hurt people.

With this comes so much personal heartache and a known fact of people aren't going to choose you no matter how much you put them first. You can be a better friend or a better student, but you will come in last place. Every single time.

It hurts, but it's true.

1 Peter 2:4 says "as you come to him, the Living Stone - rejected by humans but chosen by God and precious to Him." You won't be chosen by this world. No matter what you do, no matter what you say, this world will never choose you but God always will. He understands rejection.

A lot of times we see what Jesus did before His crucifixion, then we see the crucifixion, then we see the resurrection, but we completely forget the parts where the world did not accept Him. Of course, the world's rejection had to happen in order for the crucifixion to happen, but it's like we discount it. He was chosen by God to save us, but He was not chosen by the world.

That's eye-opening because Jesus did a lot of great stuff that people witnessed. He did things that set Him apart and made Him stand out. In today's terms, He was "goals." He was goodness and grace and understanding wrapped into one, yet it still was not enough. He still didn't meet a worldly standard that would gain acceptance because people don't care how good you are, they care how much you can fit it.

Keeping your mouth shut when you're hurting isn't fair to you. As people pleasers, we have to recognize that whether we say what we feel or not we won't be accepted because that isn't how this world works.

But the best part of this is - we can serve people no matter what because that is what we are here for. To love people and make Jesus' name known.

This world won't accept you, that's the truth. But Jesus did. In His rejection, He said that you were more than enough.

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