Women Who Date Boys.

There are so many things I don't understand about people. Between blacking out every night in college, to cheating on a significant other, to lying about things you really don't need to lie about, I guess I just don't get it. There are way too many things I don't understand for me to write about in an article so how about we just start with this one.

Women that date immature men.

Wow. This one's a doozy.

I'm not talking about a man who still loves Star Wars or a man who likes to build things with legos. No, sir. I'm talking about the whack-high-school-freshmen-disguised-as-a-man man.

Here's the thing. We all know exactly what man I'm talking about. I know that you know. The guy that won't let his girl hang out with guy friends because he's jealous. The guy that won't let his girl hang out with her own friends because all her free time MUST go to him. The guy that breaks up with his girl three or four times because "he doesn't know what he wants" just to beg for her back. The guy that guilts his girl into sex. The guy who leaks his girls nudes to his macho friends. The guy who wants to mold his girl into a certain person.

Yeah. That guy.

We have all known or met this guy at some point or another (SDSU? FILLED with that type of guy, but we'll talk about the horrors of SDSU's social scene another time). We all despise him.

I don't know if it's an age thing but somehow, at any given time, I've always had a friend dating that guy. Some of us have never dated that guy or have learned from our mistakes, but we all know a girl that's dating him.

And somehow, it's always one of my really cool friends that I really like (which is rare for me because I don't tend to really like anyone). Yeah, she's a little naive and yeah, maybe she's the type of girl who feels like she always needs a man in her life, but she's pretty cool. That guy always manages to get the coolest girl. The girl who's smart and super chill. The girl who's pretty and somehow always has her nails done to perfection. The first few times you see her after she starts dating that guy, she's gushing about how cool he is and how amazing her life is with that guy and you think to yourself "Phew! She's safe from that guy". But then, her instagram has that guy in every single picture and you think to yourself "Aww, cute!". And suddenly she disappears and it's not so cute anymore and it dawns on you, this guy IS that guy. Argument number one happens and there she is again, back in your life, going off about that guy and you both come to the conclusion that she won't take this crap anymore. Then things are good and you don't hear from her. And then they break up for the first time and the insta posts are archived for three days and then put back up when they get back together. And the cycle continues.

I think it's one thing when you're a high school freshmen and you're dating another high school freshmen and this is how your relationship is. Simply because you don't know any better, NOT that you don't deserve better. But it's a whole other thing when you're in college and older, and you're still taking that shit.

I quite simply, do not understand.

This girl and that guy are eventually going to break up, as these sort of relationships never last, and that girl is left with more or less nothing. Her friends are most likely not close with her anymore, she's probably lost a lot of her sense of self, and more than likely made zero to no personal growth due to her relationship with that guy. And I know because I've seen it happen.

So my question to you, girl in relationship with a piece of trash, why you doing this to yourself? Do not waste your youth on someone who is not worth your time. YES, he AIN'T worth it. And my advice to you, that guy, is to grow the hell up. Treating women like trash doesn't make you hot shit!

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