Why Women Should Play Rugby

Why Women Should Play Rugby

It's a woman's sport, too.

Women were considered to be very soft and emotional creatures that did well nurturing and taking care of the home. For some women, that was enough. For others, not so much. As the advancement of women continued they became more than just mothers and housewives, but business women, shop owners, architects, etc. They are hard workers in society, building up the middle class. They joined athletics and fought for the right to play in sports that were typically thought of as a “man's” sport. Sports like rugby, which is a sport for everyone.

Rugby is a team sport which can be played in different ways. You can play on a team of 15, 10, or 7 if that is what you have. Rugby is often times unheard of. Other times, it is seen as a sport in which everyone gets broken or injured in some way. Rugby is a full contact sport with no padding and it is believed that if you do get hurt you were not putting your all into the game.

Because women are seen as small and fragile (which is a mindset both men and women have about what a female should be) it affects the number of women that play. Women are strong and deserve a place where they are allowed to be as strong and as active as they want to be. Some women say they are not athletic and that they have never played. Granted, a lot of people have not, but it is that first practice that gets you hooked or at least interested enough to come a second and third time.

Women should play rugby to change the way we look at women in society. To change the stereotypes that surround us in the public. This sport allows women to feel free from the standards that surround them in the world. It takes away the fear of what others think of you and gives you a family of other women who have your back when you need them.

Another concrete reason why women should play is you never know the doors that it could open for you. Rugby has programs for high school players who can get scholarships to play in college and for collegiate players to go to club teams or try out for Olympic teams if they want to and play on an international level. Being a part of the rugby tradition can take you places and it's only there if you seek it out to take it like anything else.

Finally, rugby is a sport that can grown any individual. Rugby grows your personality, your outlook on life, the circles you hang around, and so much more. Rugby trains you to play with your heart because, if you do not love it, you won't stay with it. Rugby grows with you, it doesn’t just sit you on a path. Rugby was one of the greatest decisions a lot of people made for their lives. Will it be one of yours?

Rugby is a sport that will change your life if you let it and, like anything else, you get out what you put in. So what are you willing to put in?
Cover Image Credit: Tamiera Nash

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Things to Consider Before Using A Paper Writing Service

Writing is an art!

Every student enters a college with a dream to be the best student in the class or ace every class. However, with so many pending works on hand and hectic schedule, it is easy that the dream of becoming to be the best seems to dissipate. 

Sometimes, students are loaded with so much work that they do not even get time to prepare and submit all their assignments, which is the reason why they turn to online paper writing services. If you are one of the students who always ask themselves, "who will write my paper for me?”, do not fear because there are so many online writing companies to assist you with your work. 

These services provide quality work in limited time. Moreover, some of the paper writing companies also give assurance of being reliable and provide you phenomenal academic papers. However, there are many writing companies that may provide a copied paper to you. 

Hence, before hiring a paper writing service, keep the following things in your mind:

So Many Paper Writers; Choose Sensibly: 

Many students these days are opting for an online writing service to finish their assignments. Over workload and limited time is compelling them to go for such services. However, on the web, you may find that every other company is claiming to have a team of best professional writers. 

You need to understand that there are several companies online that offers the same services. So, before landing a scam company, it is better to take your time and ponder upon which company will deliver good services.

Check the Writer’s Credentials: 

This is the first thing you need to do before hiring a writer. You can ask for the resume of the writer and verify as many things as possible for genuineness. Although writing companies would only hire a writer with good qualifications and nice work experience, it is always better to check for yourself rather than suffer from the aftermath later.

Do Not Forget to Check the Reviews: 

Good reviews from the past clients is the recognition of a great writer. If you see a writer having so many positive reviews from the customers, you will surely get the right thing from him or her. So always check how many likes, comments or stars does that writer have. You can also check how many customers have recommended the writer. Or if anyone else has hired the writer again.

Be as Specific as Possible with the Writer: 

If you have done any research on your paper, you should provide it to the writer or tell him to check where it can be incorporated in the paper. Or if you can ask the writer to try to write in your writing style if possible. You can tell the writer how you want the write-up should be drafted and what would be the flow. Are you searching an idea, or exploring a little-known aspect? If you tell the writer in detail about your thoughts, it will be easy for a writer to provide you with the same.

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Shaun White's Glo Up: A Timeline

How World Famous Snowboarder went from Flying Tomato to Hot Tamale

Shaun White. 3X Team USA Olympic Gold Medalist. Half Pipe extraordinaire and (at one point) hair icon.

In past years, many recognized Shaun White as the "flying tomato," due to is naturally long, red flowing locks


Originally, White's hair wasn't totally out of control. He was a youthful snowboarder dude who had just won his first Olympic Gold at the Torino Games. At 19, his face was still that of a child, but inside he knew there was much more in store for the future. Not only in snowboarding, but his aesthetic.

Fast forward a couple years and White took his brand as the "flying tomato" to whole new level by stepping out in 2008 with natural beach waves that every girl wishes for.

Not yet, had White achieved heart-throb status, but like a Pokemon had started to evolve. This photo, taken just 2 years after his first Winter Olympic games displays White's face beginning to mature and street-style taking on new levels.

Though continuing to make a name for himself athletically in the skateboarding and snowboarding scene after the 2010 games, it was not until before the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics that Shaun White came back into the public eye. And he had news to share.

With the loss of his hair came the loss of a chance to remain the best snowboarder in the game. At the Sochi Olympics, Shaun was unable to make it on the podium. In this transition from young to old Shaun was caught in an existential whirlwind.

Though his glo-up was coming full circle, he had not yet been able to become what he was meant to be. A hot tamale.

This past week, Shaun emerged, as if he had risen from the dead and won his third Olympic Gold medal at the Pyeongchang Winter Games. He had finally reached his peak. Finally, he had completed the evolution from "flying tomato" to hot tamale.

(I don't know if Shaun will ever coin the name, but if you're reading this Shaun, I just want you to know it comes from the heart).

Shaun White has graced us with beauty at the start of 2018 and I hope there is much more to come. His journey was long, strenuous, and painful. But, Shaun still remains one of the biggest athletes in the world.

Who would have thought that Shaun White could be one of the most recognized athletes without his luscious locks?

With athleticism, hair, and mature attitude on point. Shaun has graced us with the best glo-up. Will we ever know how he did it? Was it the hair? Was it style? Does he just age like a fine wine?

Whatever it is, work it Shaun.

You're doing amazing sweetie.

Cover Image Credit: Flickr

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