This weekend, Baltimore city hosted its first annual WOW festival. Women of the World is a high-profile, global movement of festivals that celebrates women as a force for positive change and takes a frank look at remaining barriers to gender equality (

Topics on the table at the event included women taking risks in entrepreneurship, faith & feminism, surviving sexual assault, and leading ladies of Baltimore. These discussions are focused on the way women think about power. Lifestyle choices regarding high positions in leadership, remaining childless, and managing finances were just a few of the extremely important issues that modern women face.

Why are festivals like these so important anyway? Well, because we have public figures and presidential candidates that believe they are not. We have men in power who blatantly disrespect women and quite frankly think it's okay. Fortunately, we've reached a point in our society that this behavior is unacceptable and will not be tolerated from anyone. Powerful or not.

Women are truly fascinating human beings. Christians believe the woman was created from man. I can comfortably and proudly say that when God made the woman, he outdid himself. We are built to love, lead, live unapologetically with purpose. We are built to last. And we won't take anyone telling us how to live our lives, treat our bodies, or what our capabilities are. We decide that. I chose my words carefully here. I say "anyone" because there are women against women. Our challenges do not remain solely in the hands of men. We need to support one another and understand our differences. Together, working harmoniously to achieve equality, and creating avenues for our daughters to soar shoulder to shoulder with their male peers. There is no shame in that. There is no wrong in that.

We will not be abused and used until you cannot use us anymore. We will not be grabbed by our pussies. And if we are, then you've got a problem on those dirty little hands of yours.