Can heterosexual men and women, who are both single, be just friends? Yes. But can they be best friends?

No. At some point, my dear girl, you will fall for him.

You will unintentionally hand your heart to him, and he likely won't even realize it has happened. If you constantly text each other, hang out, and talk, you will eventually fall for him.

You'll grow to love him. It won't be intentional. You would probably never admit to it. It will ruin you, but if you get too close to him, it'll happen.

There's a fine line between a friendship and a romantic relationship. The line can become blurred so quickly.

When your world consists so much of your male best friend, your mind will begin to wonder what a relationship with him would be like. This is natural. It is the way we were designed; we were designed to to see the opposite sex as potential partners.

You can be friends with a man, but being his best friend can get messy.

You will listen to his heartbreaks, his dreams, and his story.

You will learn him.

You'll meet his family. You will learn simple things that make you love him – things such as his most embarrassing childhood story, his proudest accomplishment or his biggest disappointments. You will understand who, and what, makes him who he is.

You will learn him, and you will slowly fall in love with him.

You'll learn what makes him tick. You'll learn his face, his smile, and his laugh. You'll recognize when he's sad, even though no one else does; you'll understand him like few do.

You will learn him. You will learn his heart.

You will wonder what it would be like to fall for someone like the guy you already trust so much; the one who constantly makes you laugh. You will wonder what it would be like if you weren't only the very best of friends.

You, my sweet friend, will feel terrible when you realize what is happening. When you realize that your heart is intent on more than friendship, you will ruin yourself. You will break your own heart when you realize that he means more to you than you mean to him.

So, can you be best friends with him? Can you talk to him, hang out constantly, and know him better than anyone else and not fall for him? No. You can be friends with a man, but if he is your best friend, you will eventually develop feelings for him. If you don't watch yourself, you will let yourself get too close to him.

Guard your hearts, my sweet friends. Guard your hearts.