After the passing of a new abortion law in New York, my Facebook timeline flooded with anti-abortion rhetoric. I read posts deeming abortion to be a sin- murder- and that all women who choose to 'kill their babies' will be sentenced to Hell. I read false posts, saying that women in New York were now able to just abort their babies up until birth for no reason and that those women 'should be ashamed' of themselves for 'murdering innocent children.'

First, the law protects a women's right to choose, even if Roe V. Wade is overturned. Second, there are various stipulations regarding late-term abortion- it's not just an option open to everyone.

Here's what I think:

There are women who become pregnant from rape. There are women who want to choose abortion, and there are women who want to go through with pregnancy.

There are women who are told they won't survive the birth of their children. There are women who cannot financially afford a child. There are women whose children won't survive birth. There are women whose children die before even exiting the womb. There are women who just don't want children.

There are women with all kinds of different circumstances that lead them to choose an abortion or not. The important part about this isn't abortion itself- it's a simple fact that they are able to choose.

If you are a woman who disagrees with the principles of abortion, I have good news: you will never have to get an abortion that you don't want. But your viewpoint on the topic- whether it be based on religion, culture or your path of morality- doesn't constitute your right to tell other women what to do with their bodies.

The fact of the matter is that abortion will always exist, no matter how you feel about it. The only difference is, if the government puts stipulations on a woman's right to safe abortions, the ones performed will be unsafe and, in some cases, fatal.

Pregnancy is not a consequence of sex; asking women who don't want children to completely abstain from sex is basically impossible, not to mention wrong. That's like condemning women for not wanting to have children, adopting the historic and out-dated viewpoint that a woman's sole purpose in life is to be a mother.

Yes, of course, the lives of children matter. But so do the lives of women. As I stated earlier, if you don't agree with abortion, no one will ever force you to have one. If you don't want to, you don't have to march for women's rights. You don't have to become an activist for change. As a woman, however, I think it's vital that, in the very least, we stand behind one another, regardless of our differences. In this era of change and progress, it is our job to fight for one another, to support each other- and yes, this means accepting our differences and especially changing our language toward those who disagree. Spread kindness, not judgment. If it isn't your body, it shouldn't be your choice.