To The Woman Who Won't Leave Me Alone

To The Woman Who Won't Leave Me Alone

The best thing is, you think I hate you or something but honey, you're just a thorn in my side and a hurdle I can easily overcome.

Get a hobby. Like seriously. I'm so over hearing about you stalking my life. Leave me alone, you're creepy. It's not my fault you had a shitty relationship. Stop reading my articles and stop using them against me. Stop calling me a liar and a whore and whatever other names you come up with. Honestly, it's fucking pathetic. You're pathetic. Have some self respect, for God's sake. A man left you. Boo-fucking-hoo. I didn't hit my ex after breaking up with him and I certainly didn't lower myself by fighting all the time about the new girl in his life.

You feel threatened by me, I get it. Here's the thing though, I'm not scared of you but I also don't need you bothering the living shit out of me every three seconds. Do I sound angry? More like annoyed. Sometimes, I even pity you. You can toss shit at someone for their mistakes but have you checked the mirror lately? News flash: You aren't perfect, so stop acting like you are. And don't call other people's phones leaving nasty messages (that I saved, btw). It's childish and immature. Like, how old are you?

It's not my fault you are used, damaged goods. Does that hurt? Yeah, I bet it does. Just like the names you call me hurt. You take personal articles of mine and use them against me. At least I'm brave enough to put this out there and hopefully help someone. Maybe two wrongs don't make a right but honestly, right this minute, I don't care. You have me so close to being like, "You want war? Then you got war." Can't you see? I'm already winning. You're wasting your time. You can't beat me. You know why? Because I'm not playing. (Though this article can seem like I am, I am not. I just need to vent and writing is catharsis to me.)

Anyways, I can't believe you have the audacity to call me a liar. You told people I was lying about being raped. What kind of woman says that? A sad, pathetic one, that's who. You need to think about the facts. Why do women hide they are raped? Because assholes like you call us liars and shame us for something I wish never happened to me. But guess what? I grew from it. I moved forward in my life, which is more than you've done. You stayed in a shitty relationship, for what? Your kids? Here's another news flash for you honey: You're ruining your kids by doing that. I lived in a home much worse than yours. You act like you have it so tough. You don't. You are showing your kids a model of a bad relationship. Do you know what happens by doing that? It shows this bad relationship is...NORMAL! They will now mold their relationships after yours. Is that what you want? I'm betting not. I think you actually care about your kids so this is me giving you advice. Stop your bullshit and just move on. Find a new man. There are plenty out there.

I think you know that because you know why people accuse others of cheating? They are doing it themselves. Go ahead. Tell me I'm wrong. I dare you because we both know you'll be lying. It's not my fault I'm prettier and younger than you. It's not my fault I'm charming. I'm not a whore, I've been with TWO men total in my life. The first one was rape, so does that even count? I'm going to say no. Amendment: I've been with ONE man in my life and yes, once upon a time he was yours.

Oh, and for another thing, threats are useless. Does it make you feel powerful holding something over someone's head? Forcing a man to stay with you that doesn't want to be there. It's sad, pitiful really. The best thing is, you think I hate you or something but honey, you're just a thorn in my side and a hurdle I can easily overcome. You don't scare me. And just think, if you drop the hammer you think you are holding, you'll be dropping it on your own head. You'll have to pay him money if you make more than him. Your kids will suffer and it will be because of you. Only you will to be to blame when you can't afford your house or your weekly shopping trips. Shocked I know about your spending habits? You aren't the only one who can find information out, I just have better things to do with my time. I could give a shit about you and what you do. I wish you could return the favor.

So, here is my final words to the woman who won't leave me alone. You can fight with him all you want but leave me out of it. I'm not your problem and you aren't my problem. Stop adding to the drama of piting women against each other. Have respect for all women before calling them names. Stop being such a fucking hypocrite. Honestly, it's obnoxious. Have some respect and go find someone who you want to be with and stop clinging to the past. Look towards the future. I mean, do you really even love him? Can you love someone you want to cause pain? Can you love someone who "hurt you" so badly? I'm gonna have to use logic and say no. Just move on and leave me out of your bullshit and drama.

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Shout Out To My Ex(es)

People are brought into your life as either a blessing or a lesson you get to choose the impact.


If I knew what I know now, I wouldn't have spent hours on a doorstep begging you to hear me. Hear me tell you of all the
reasons why I loved you. Loved you with all of me-- even the parts that were unknown to me. If I knew how all of it would end,
I wouldn't have spent so much time on each of you. Tending to you like a garden knowing damn well my green thumb is somewhere next to pocket change and lost crumbs in between couch cushions. It's this that makes me human, seeing something broken and thinking I can fix it with duct tape and gorilla glue, but this zoo is closed for renovations. The cages
you placed me it became too small and I think it's time I stretch my legs.

"A watched pot never boils." The old saying my mom would use while in the kitchen trying to find an excuse- rather a
validation for her frustration. You've said that you looked for me when you lost me. Why couldn't you find me? Find me where you left me, on that back burner. Not watching me while I viciously thrash about, spilling my contents onto black stove tops-- anything for you to notice me. Blame me for making this mess and turn me down to a simmer while you attend to other more important matters.

If I loved myself as I loved you, I would have told you that you were hurting me; that the backburner you kept me on became
too hot for me to sit on my hands, biting my tongue hoping for your happy return. It's not that I had no love for myself.
It's just that most of my love was going to you like a slo-mo hourglass-- draining my figure, all of me becoming your lifeline.
Your extra life-- cats only have 9 and you tried cheating life one too many times. If I loved you, I would have told you that your zipper was down instead of taking that small victory from myself because for once you knew what embarrassment felt like.

You see, there is a difference between liking and loving, a difference between a deep infatuation and being head over
heels for someone. A difference between love and lust. I liked all of you, fell into a deep infatuation with some of you, and
lusted for most of you. But loving is something that's effortless like waves crashing into each other in the farthest parts of the ocean. Stumbling into one another like a baby giraffe learning to walk. Use me like a banister for support as
you make your way down the curve of my stairs. I guess my parents were right, that there is a time for everything and growing
up shouldn't be rushed-- like a wet manicure, it will get smudged.

But I thank all of you, every single one of you that entered my life and taught me valuable information about myself and people
in general. I regret none of you, keep in touch with some of you and even have a love for most of you. Every single one
of you taught me a lesson with the same theme: I cannot be in a relationship until I study to understand and love myself
with the same passion I used to create dossiers for each of you. Now, yes I am talking about exes, but this can also be said about other types of relationships whether platonic or romantic all of you have added your own personal stamp
within me as one does in a passport. When you read this I hope you get to the end and not stop at the part that triggers you. This isn't a burn you, expose you, trash you, type of thing but instead a type of thing that helps me and hopefully you achieve clarity. You see I have reached the conclusion that I didn't need any of you and I wanted all of you. For you? I hope the clarity
you reach is that I am okay, and you were never a mistake.

With Love,


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