I witnessed love at the hairdressers. It sounds weird, I know, but honestly, this moment was just too beautiful and miraculous not to share.

Normally, I'm not the biggest fan of getting my hair cut or dyed. For me, it's kind of a sensory overload. I hate the way hair tickles my face, I hate the smell of the hair dye, and I hate having to sit in the chair for over an hour, looking in only one direction for 95% of the time (I do LOVE getting my hair washed though, it feels AMAZING).

But yesterday while I was confined to looking in that one sole direction, I was looking at a mother with her 1-year-old son. In the beginning, he was just chilling in his cute little carrier, or whatever they're called (forgive me, I don't have any experience with baby terminology). Then, he just raised his hands up towards his mom. No crying whatsoever, just lifted his hands up and cooed. It was so cute that I think part of my soul died and went to heaven right then and there. As she picked him up, her smile just gleamed joy, and she cradled him in her arms.

Now, I wasn't expecting to see anything beyond killer cuteness, but then as she cradled him in her arms, the boy was angled towards me.

I didn't just see soul-crushing cuteness, but I witnessed the purest and beautiful love I have ever seen. This boy's eyes absolutely glistened when he looked at his mother, and right when he looked into her eyes, a smile ever so subtle grew on his face. I still can't get over the way his eyes looked, guys. They were absolutely filled with love. It's much harder to describe than I thought it would be, but you could just tell that this child was infatuated by his mother. I think the best way to put it is that the love I saw was agape love, or selfless and unconditional love. And the best part is, I saw all of this in the span of two minutes.

This child didn't have to be taught what love is, he just did it and just instinctually knows what it is. We all tend to overthink what love is, in my opinion, but this made me realize that we know what love is when we see it or we feel it or hear it. We naturally sense love; overthinking it is what kills us.

Love just is. Humans find this hard to accept though, at least in my experience, because we all want there to be one sole materialistic answer. Problematically, there isn't ever going to be one materialistic answer, but there always will be many materialistic ways that love manifests itself in our world. Once people realize this, I think they begin to find themselves witnessing love in the most unexpected places. It's purely beautiful.