Being Raised Without Halloween Traditions Made Me Indifferent To The 'Wicked' Holiday

Being Raised Without Halloween Traditions Made Me Indifferent To The 'Wicked' Holiday

You don't necessarily need Halloween.


Growing up in a Christian home had some rules: No Halloween. No skeletons or goblins and definitely no witches. I was never invited to the Halloween parties in high school, nor was I allowed to sit in the classroom when everyone else was celebrating the holiday. I would just sit in the media center with the principal or another staff member and eat some pretzels from the vending machine until all the holiday festivities were over. There was always ONE kid every year that thought I went to the bathroom and missed the whole thing.

My family and I would stay at home and act as if nothing was happening outside. We would put up a sign saying we had no candy to give and turn off all the lights. Yet people would still knock on our door, or throw eggs at our house. I have had so many people over the years ask me why I don't celebrate it. Before, I used to say my mom does not want us to. Then it would be a giant snowball of questions.

Eventually, I stopped having the desire to celebrate it. I don't care for the costumes, or the scares, or the blood. If I am going to be totally frank, I like the day after Halloween because all the candy goes on sale at Target and Walmart and I can stock up for the rest of the year.

I watch a Halloween movie every now and then, but I am just not that into it. Why spend a whole day or weekend dressing up and being someone you're not? Just for fun? I used to be so jealous of everyone else, but now, Halloween is just a holiday that I wish would just go by quickly.

I have been asked if I would let my future children celebrate the holiday, and the answer is, I am not really sure. I mean, I won't tell them not to celebrate it and throw holy water on them. But I won't necessarily get them all dressed up nor will I dress them up as babies. They will decide for themselves when they get older.

Halloween is not a religious holiday, or should I say, anti-religious. I know that. So please don't try to convince me about that. It all just comes down to going years without the holiday. It does not mean that once I am at college I will get hammered and rage out on the holiday.

That just isn't who I am. I will make a note that any extra candy can be sent my way at least.

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A Collection Of Unsettling Haiku

Here's some creepy haiku to get you in that Halloween mood!

In celebration of the month of October, here's a small collection of creepy haiku written by yours truly.

she wakes to the sound

of footsteps

at the end of her bed

twenty deep cuts

she slices another

on his pale wrists

a little girl walks alone

dragging her bear behind her

empty sockets staring down

she patiently irons

the dress

she was killed in

a winter storm

the wind’s screams

drown out her own

doing her makeup

under the blacklight

blood never looked so bright

she stands in the front of the mirror

it's not her reflection

that stares back

killing time

she stabs

at her fingers

hands searching in the dark

until they slide

against a bare chest

the train speeds on down the tracks

taking her body

with it

she sobs over the death

of her

imaginary friend

I watch as my dead wife

stands by the stove

cooking breakfast

empty graveyard

her hands slide over

moss-covered gravestones

a wolf howls somewhere

alone in the forest

the light of my flashlight goes out

I shiver in fear

my chains rattle

as I hear his footsteps

Cover Image Credit: College Times

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The Holiday Season In Disney Described By These 6 Gifs

Holidays in Disney are a little different in Disney compared to everyone else..


If you're anything like me and know way too much about Disney or just love it, you'll know that the holidays in Disney tend to be a little different then in other places.

1. It's late August and Fall decorations begin to enter the parks.

It's only late August and it is still in the 90s in Florida but everyone is excited because all of the Fall decorations are entering the park and Halloween parties are about to start!

2. Don't worry. It's October now, Fall is actually starting.

It's finally Fall, which means all of the country is excited for PSL at Starbucks. While everyone at Disney has already been enjoying all the Fall food and drink specials for weeks now.

3. It's not even October 31st and it feels like Disney has been celebrating Halloween for 3 years now.

Halloween and Fall have been celebrated in Disney for so long. We aren't sure if we missed it or if it has even happened at all yet.

4. It's October 31st, which means it's finally Halloween for real this time.

We finally made it to Halloween after celebrating it for almost 2 months! Yay, good job Disney!

5. November 1st can only mean one thing. Christmas is starting now.

It's officially Christmas in Disney! Now we get to celebrate Christmas for the next 2 months! Hold on to your Santa hats everyone.

6. If you're wondering, Thanksgiving is the forgotten Holiday.

No Thanksgiving celebrations in Disney! Just Halloween and Christmas, sorry to all of the Thanksgiving lovers out there.

If you're anything like me and love Disney, the holidays tend to be a little different there. Disney does Halloween and Christmas right every year, but sometimes we just want to celebrate those holidays one day out of the year instead of 2 months each.

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