Dogs should be able to do these 7 things

Don't you wish your pup could.....

1. Take themselves outside

I think this is most wanted in the puppy stages. You know, getting up every two hours to let them out, and then standing in the dark just waiting for them to get done with their business.

2. Talk to you

Dogs are amazing listeners, they are obedient, and they can honestly fix all the problems in your life. But one thing they can't do is talk. This is unfortunate because I really wonder what goes through their heads.

"When is mom going to be home?"

"What is that smell? Omg, is that me??"

"Why does the mailman always leave so fast.”

3. Not chew on everything

I love my pup don't get me wrong, but nothing pushes my buttons as much as when I come home to my brand new pair of shoes torn to shreds.

4. Be your dance partner

I mean let’s be honest, no dance partner could ever beat your best friend in the world. Plus, they don’t care if you have no clue what you’re doing.

5. Skateboard

Can you actually teach your dog to do this or is it only the ones on tv?

6. Not shed

Doesn’t matter if you swept yesterday, you’re still going to sweep again today and tomorrow. It’s just how it goes.

7. Be your children’s body guard

Don’t have to worry about anyone taking your kids’ lunch money because you’re innocent pup will have their backs.

To all the pooch-less people in the world: get a pup, it is proven that they will add happiness to your life! :)

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