I've Finally Learned How To Enjoy Every Day Of Every Season

I've Finally Learned How To Enjoy Every Day Of Every Season

It’s unfair to compare seasons by generalized characteristics. You have to compare them by their days.

Hallie Spore

You glance away from your computer screen and your eye is caught by the streetlamp outside your window, illuminating glittery, white crystals as they gently spiral to the already-snow-packed ground. Your brows furrow and you shake your head as you turn back to your work. But then you examine the fluffy flakes again, and you have to admit, they make for an incredibly beautiful scene.

Well, maybe that’s just me.

I’ve definitely been on both sides of the fence when it comes to winter—hating it for its frigid temperatures, early darkness, and icy wipeouts and loving it for its snowy days filled with hot chocolate, blankets, and movies, brisk, sunny walks, and vivid sunsets.

Maybe you can only relate to the first half of that statement. If you’re like high-school me, chances are you hate winter with a passion. The snow makes you want to vomit and the only good you could possibly see coming out of the cold is that you fully appreciate the warmth of your bed at night. And that’s fine; nobody can make you like winter.

I say that was high school me, and it truly was. I was a summertime sprite, trudging through every day of winter only in anticipation of the warm days of spring and eventually summer. But in all that trudging, I really think I forgot to live.

Perhaps it truly came about with high school graduation and my last summer at home, but college brought a change in my attitude about seasons. Here’s what it comes down to: every day of your life has immeasurable potential.

Every day.

Immeasurable potential.

Seasons are part of life. I mean more than just summer, fall, winter and spring; seasons of life are just as tangible. Whether that be a season of joy or sadness, dating or singleness, confusion or clarity, seasons shape us, and truly, it’s unfair to compare them by generalized characteristics. You have to compare them by their days. I can honestly say I’ve had winter days better than some of my summer days, and similarly, days of singleness have been more joyful than I ever dreamed they could be.

So in essence, this winter on campus has looked different than any other winter of my life, and it’s because I've finally learned to enjoy every day of every season. If you want to have a different winter this year, here are some things you should take joy in:

  • “Glitter snow” (when the snow actually sparkles, and it’s everywhere!)
  • Walking to class on sunny, melty days
  • Cute mittens, gloves, and scarves!!!
  • Mass snowball fights
  • Waking up early to watch delicate, pastel sunrises (best way to start your day)
  • Sipping coffee in fuzzy pajamas
  • Snapping pictures of frosted-over trees
  • Clear, starry skies, and someone to watch them with (my all-time favorite)
  • Ice skating (even the falling part can be fun if you just start laughing)
  • Snowflakes on your eyelashes
  • The vibrant colors of the setting sun
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